Sunday, March 29, 2015

Kingdom Mentality Convictions

Ian and I currently enrolled in a course called Marriage Plus.  It is one of those life-changing things.  We have met amazing couples and are digging deeper into how we can bring glory to God through our ministry and marriage.

We have assignments each week for Marriage Plus.  One of the assignments was to write a paper on our Kingdom Mentality Convictions.  The following is what I have submitted as my convictions (we had to keep it to one page double spaced.  I could write quite a bit more):

Jesus is Lord. Kingdom mentality has to start here. When asked what the most important commandment is, “Jesus answered, ‘The most important is, “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and your strength.’ ”(in Mark 12:29 ESV). The idea that Jesus is Lord is an easy concept to understand, yet a difficult concept to live. Many Christians would say that Jesus is Lord of their life, but their life does not align to this belief.

In the same way, many Christians would say that the Gospel is Jesus-centered, yet live their lives as though the gospel is comfort-centered or financially responsible-centered or doctrine-centered. Kingdom mentality needs to preach, live, and show a gospel that is Jesus-centered. Because Jesus is my Lord and my gospel is centered on Jesus, I am called to be a servant of Jesus. Being a servant of Jesus requires humility and perseverance. One way to serve Jesus well is show others that to love is to obey. When I hear God speak into my life, I obey. When I read Scripture that is contrary to my current life, I submit.

I apply my kingdom mentality to my whole life. I reject what culture tells me is important and look to Jesus. I continually study Scripture to convict me, remind me of the Jesus-centered Gospel, and saturate my mind with Truth. I surround myself with others who have a Kingdom Mentality to find encouragement and strength. I continually pray that I may have the strength to comprehend what is the breadth, and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ (Ephesians 3:18 &19a).

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thankfuls 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

The tradition continues:

  1. Emmanuel - God with us!
  2. Ian - my best friend, protector, and provider
  3. Family - we have been blessed with some awesome people in our families
  4. Contentedness
  5. workout friends
  6. Colorado friends
  7. college friends
  8. Korea friends
  9. friends that do not fit into any of the above but are still kindred spirits
  10. Babies - James, Elijah, Miriam, Emersyn, Haddie, Raegan, Solomon, Ambrose,Hannah, Nehemiah, and I am sure I am forgetting some - each time I get on Facebook, I am greeted by some CUTIES - thankful for the miracle of new life and seeing friends become mamas and daddies.
  11. Reliable cars that start when it is 5 below
  12. A light at the end of the seminary tunnel
  13. seeing Ian learn and transform throughout the Seminary Experience
  14. amazing mentors!
  15. CHRISTMAS MUSIC - don't ask Ian when I started listening to Christmas music this can one genre of music bring so much joy!?!?!
  16. Turkey, cranberry, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower casserole, fruit salad, green beans, carrots, beer bread, and pumpkin pie
  17. American grocery stores to buy all above items/ingredient for items
  18. American sized oven to prepare food from #16/ food we make daily in our huge oven
  19. American washer and dryer
  20. Skype 
  21. social media
  22. Christmas Wreaths
  23. Hummus and Pita Chips
  24. Moscato, Chardonnay, and Sam Adams
  25. Friday nights (the best night of the week!)
  26. sticking to our budget
  27. Paper Snowflakes
  28. Teaching Math - changing the world
  29. Getting paid to teach math
  30. Getting paid extra to cover classes
  31. Health Insurance
  32. Amy Grant's A Christmas Album and Michael W. Smith's Christmastime
  33. Days off
  34. Gorgeous sunsets
  35. Half and half
  36. Black gold a.k.a coffee
  37. God's faithfulness
  38. Ian's patience in watching ridiculously cheesy movies with me
  39. Gracie and Lauren - they have changed my life and perspective many times
  40. those who serve (and have served) in our military
  41. Dual Control Electric Blanket
  42. 1636 days of wedded bliss
  43. GPS watches
  44. warm running clothes for the winter
  45. God has taken really good care of us
  46. planning meetings
  47. Costco
  48. Email
  49. Texting
  50. the Bible app
  51. those who are veterans of teaching Algebra IA and have empathy
  52. sex
  53. people who are crazy generous to us
  54. cozy slippers
  55. The Bible
  56. fireplaces 
  57. my students - they challenge me daily 
  58. math teacher blogs
  59. hot chocolate
  60. the Biggest Loser
  61. Space Heaters
  62. pedicures
  63. safety
  64. Ian's ability to make me laugh nearly regardless of the situation
  65. world vision/compassion international/other similar organizations
  66. Eggs and Bacon - my daily breakfast
  67. my husband waking up at 5:30 with me to show solidarity and making me breakfast
  68. running 
  69. lifting
  70. push-ups
  71. the ability to do chin-ups and pull-ups
  72. planks
  73. feeling strong and accomplishing the impossible in the gym
  74. blue Colorado sky
  75. cliff bars a.k.a the best on-the-go lunch
  76. bananas, blackberries, apples, oranges, grapefruits, peaches, raspberries, plums, pears... I love fruit!
  77. Korean children - the cutest children ever - I can't take the level of cuteness that Korean babies and small children present - I go crazy
  78. In America crazy means crazy and not an insult
  79. the Holy Spirit
  80. good health
  81. God's grace
  82. knowing that the only difference between an ordeal and an adventure is my attitude
  83. going on adventures with Ian
  84. God's sovereignity
  85. grapefruit seed extract
  86. warm coats
  87. rocking chairs
  88. coupons
  89. almond butter
  90. library
  91. Ian's servantheartedness
  92. Cards for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving
  93. 24 hour fitness - the choice of being a wimp and running on the dreadmill or braving the crazy Colorado weather
  94. summer break
  95. camping
  96. double hammock
  97. finding Korean ginger-honey sore throat tea in America
  98. crockpot
  99. God's compassion
  100. Grandpa and Kathryn!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Grand Canyon

Ian and I wanted to recap our fun adventure to the Grand Canyon.  Here are our favorite memories from our relaxing vacation. (If you would like to see the 2:30 video, scroll to the bottom)

Day #1 - Traveling
  • Packed the car and started towards Durango - the halfway point where we would camp for the night.
  • Stopped in Saguache, Colorado for lunch - Ian will tell you that I talked about my turkey and swiss sandwich from Saguache 4th Street Diner all week.  Best bread I have ever eaten in my life (it was homemade and amazing!)
  • Got to Durango in time to find a pub to watch the USA vs. Portgual game - the US fought well and it was fun to watch in a pub that was packed!
  • Camped at the KOA in Durango - it was a great experience - super clean bathrooms, friendly staff, and nice campsites.
  • Excited to have campfire that night.  The rest of our trip we were unable to have a nightly campfire due to dry conditions in the Grand Canyon (bummer!).
Scenic View on the Drive and our Campsite

Day #2 - Arriving

  • Stopped at the 4 Corners on our way through
  • Grateful to arrive safely at the Grand Canyon after hours of driving in Arizona.  Craziest drivers that I have ever experienced in my life in America

Warning: You will see my feet a lot in pictures of this trip

Day #3 - Exploring

  • We made a goal of covering the entire 13 mile South Rim Trail during our time at the Grand Canyon.  On day 3 we ran 3 miles of the eastern side of it.  So fun to see different angles of the Canyon.
  • We went for a 3 mile walk that evening through the campground and surrounding area.  We happened on elk several different times and got to see some baby elk (google told me that baby elk are also known as calves).  
We ended up seeing elk A LOT - don't worry Mommabomma, we kept our distance and used the zoom :)

Day #4 - Relaxing

  • We had pancakes for breakfast!  So grateful for our Coleman 2 burner stove - we love to cook over gas.  Ian was awesome and made the pancakes and coffee while I went for a 5 mile run
  • Spent a good amount of our day reading and relaxing in our hammock
  • Watched the sunset over the Grand Canyon - so beautiful and breath-taking

Day #5 - Surprising

  • Greeted the morning by running 3 more miles of the South Rim Trail.
  • Completed the mundane task of laundry - as I was going to put our clean clothes in the tent, I screamed and jumped on the picnic table - there was something in our tent! It ended up being a squirrel. (#anticlimatic) We don't know how he got in, why he would have wanted to get in (we keep all food and scented items in the car), but glad he got out on his own (after my scream).  From that point on, I made Ian check the tent first
  • Hiked part of the way down into the Canyon to OohAhh Point (and sang camp songs including the word OhAh).  Saw a ridiculously long snake.  The Canyon is so gorgeous from within.
  • Attended the Grand Canyon Star Party - how fun!  Amateur astronomers bring their telescopes and set up in a designated parking lot and let you look through their telescopes.  We got to see so many cool things in the night sky - Saturn, Polaris, a double star, (it looks like one star to the naked eye, but is actually two stars) Mars, nebulae, and other interesting things that I did not quite understand what I was looking at

Day #6 - Hiking

  • We hiked 5 miles of the western side of the Rim Trail - we saw mule deer, lizards, and a bajillon ravens.  Two surprisings things - 1.) there are times that you can not see the Grand Canyon at all - you are just hiking through desert forest.  The Canyon is nearby, just not visible and 2.) There are places were the unpaved rim trail gets really, really close to the edge of the Canyon
  • We attended the Star Party again - the night before it was chilly, so we did not make it all they way around (sidenote: it would get into the mid to high 80s during the day and then drop into the upper 30s/low 40s at night - thanks to being at 7000 ft above sea water - I love high desert summers)

Day #7 - Flagstaff

  • Ventured into Flagstaff to go on a date and ended up at Chiptole (it was what I was craving at the moment) 
  • Organized and partially packed the car
  • Hiked the last section of the Rim Trail while watching the sunset.  Saw someone get proposed to:)
My feet on the way back from Flagstaff

Day #8 - Homeward Bound

  • Woke up before the sun, finished packing, and started on our 11.5 hour drive.  We got a PR while driving home - we drove from Tuba City, AZ to South Fork, CO without stopping - that is 5 hours and 45 minutes - wootwoot!

And now presenting: The Grand Canyon 2014 Video - all the good footage is Ian's and all the woobly, fast, weird footage was taken by yours truly:

Here is the link in case the video is weird

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dispelling Entitlement

Sometimes when I go running, I have epiphanies.  This is the latest epiphany I had.

People feel entitled.  They feel as though they deserve __________.  Case in point, the middle one of the kiddos that I nanny, feels that he deserves to have someone play with him.  When there is no one to play, he becomes angry.  He can list many reasons that he deserves this right.

I feel entitled to decent weather.  When it snows in April and May, I get angry (and simmer on the inside).  I deserve some decent weather to exercise and drive in. {Interesting sidenote: according to, the first use of the word entitlement was in 1942.}

So as I ran, I pondered, "What dispels entitlement?  How can I go from feeling entitled to joy?"

In middle school and high school Sunday School (which Ian and I lead), our teens are currently studying Philippians.  There are four themes to Philippians: Joy in Suffering, Joy in Serving, Joy in Knowing Jesus, and Joy in Contentment.  We have talked a lot about the difference between joy and happiness.  Happiness is a temporary emotion.  Joy is an attitude of the heart (and therefore joy is a choice).

One of the best ways I have learned to cultivate joy in my life is thankfulness.  Even if our circumstances does not change, our perspective can.  The grass is greenest where you water it.

So my running epiphany last week was this: Thankfulness dispels entitlement.  I am not sure if this is 100% true, but it helps me.  I used to have a hard time being thankful.  I would think of some poor kid in Africa (sorry SAffers) that was starving in the blazing hot sun and try to well up some form of gratitude.  In the back of my mind, I would be thinking, "what is that kid thankful for?"

Then God hit me in the head.  Sure, I can be thankful for material possessions and different circumstances in my life, but I can always be thankful for who God is and what God has done.  Always.

The next time it snows in June (that does not really happen in Colorado...right?), I have a choice.  I can throw an internal tantrum or I can choose to be thankful that God is good.  Thankful that God is sovereign.  Thankful that God is holy.  Thankful that God redeems.  In the midst of inconvience (to me), God has a plan that He is working out.  God is still saving sinners.

Less of me...More of Him.

Let's chat - what are your thoughts?  Sometimes my running epiphanies have holes in them, that I do not see.  What can you be thankful for despite circumstances?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy 3rd Anniversary! {YAY!}

Happy Anniversary to us.  In case you were not at the wedding, (we missed you!  Even if we did not know at the time we got married, our future selves would have invited you!) here is some of the Scripture that was read:

(did you read it?  Go back and read it - it is Truth) and here is a picture:

and here is another little graphic I made to sum up the whole three years of marriage thus far (because I can clearly do that in one little graphic, especially a graphic I made in under an hour)

One of the things that I love most about Ian (and there are a lot) is his practical theology.  What Ian believes to be true about God and Life, he lives.  Part of his practical theology includes calling me out when I say one thing and do another (and that has happened plenty of times in the last three years).

Ian's theology is not some thought that gives him warm and fuzzy feelings and he learned as a child.  He thinks deeply about life and the world we live in.  Ian makes choices not based on ease of carrying out his actions, but what is best.  Ian does not leave people where they are.  He pushes them towards Truth.  (He usually tries to be gentle at this, but there are times he drags me kicking and screaming to Jesus).

The best part of Ian's theology is unconditional love and grace.  I am pretty sure I did not even understand grace when we got married.  He has dumped it on me in the bucket loads over the years.  And yet, when it is my turn to give grace to Ian, it rarely happens.  He does not give up on me.  He continues to show me grace.  Basically, Ian rocks.

And he rubs my feet at night and buys me ice cream.  It does not get better than that. 

To God be the Glory!  He is the reason that we have made it thus far and He is reason that we will continue onward.

For your continued reading pleasure:
Two Year Anniversary (it is a bunch of pictures)
One Year Anniversary (that time we went to Busan and saw sand castles)

Friday, May 10, 2013

That one time I posted a bunch of pictures

So, I am a bit behind in the blogging world :)  Let's catch up shall we?

It snowed, in the last week of April.  And no one felt a need to plow the streets.

I take pictures while driving, but only if I am at a stoplight.
I drove about  20 mph (32 kph) to work that day

It snowed.  IN MAY. (#comeonspring) The not fun part (besides wanting a Happy May Day) was that the ground was warm enough that the running trail was a complete muddy mess - ugh.  At least it was pretty.

May 1st in Colorado
I have established a new rule.  If it snows, I can listen to Christmas music.  It makes for a much less grumpier existence.
Then I flew to the Midwest to visit family.  This is what greeted me on my run. Praise the Lord for spring in the Midwest.

I ran the Thank Dank 5k while I was visiting the Midwest.  This is a very special race and I am so glad I was able to participate.  {Sidenote: Seeing famers cry breaks my heart!  They say time heals, I don't know if that is necessarily true.  When you loose someone, there is still grief, even years later}.  It has been a long time since I ran a 5k on grass/mud/gravel/anything that is not concrete.

the traditional pre-race photo (note how clean my shoes were)

It was a hometown race, so I came in as the second female overall and won my gender/age group.  My brother placed in his age/gender group too. And my sister-in-law lead the fun walk.  Such a great day!

Post race photo.  My brother and his sweet wifey, and P.S.
And then it was time to head back.  I tried to have my mom take a picture in the airport.

One is me talking to my mom, trying to explain what button to push, and the other is a more posed...
 Then I flew home and I was greeted my favorite person in the world! {sigh - it was so good to come home}  He bought me flowers.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE the kiddos I nanny, oh goodness - it is a bit ridiculous how much I can gush over them.  I was taking a picture to text to Ian.  The Wee One said she wanted to be in it.  This is what we ended up with. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Week 17

Hi friends!  How was your week?  Ours was fantastic!

For a couple of weeks, Ian has suggested that he takes all the cooking on for an entire week.  Well, this was the week!  I told him that he had to stick to budget and the meals had to be semi-nutritious.  We had a feast this week.  Ian is definitely the better cook of the two of us.  And he stayed on budget (maybe?)  I don't care, the food was fab!
He made:
  • Mini-Pizzas (on English Muffins)
  • Chicken and Spinach Calzones
  • Cinnamon Woes
  • Chicken Cheesy Pepperoni Panini and Chicken Tortilla Soup
  • Strawberry Pancakes, Yummy Scrambled Eggs, and Company Coffeecake
  • Breakfast Sandwiches (english muffins + eggs + candian bacon)
  • He took me out to eat here!
  • Leftovers
  • Quesadillas
  • Pasta + Chicken + Veggies + Cream Sauce of loveliness
When you can not find a recipe on the internet, just take a picture of the cookbook :)

The rule in our household is: Whoever cooks does not have to clean up.  So I have been on clean up all week. 

In other news, it snowed here this week.  We got snow on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  And since we live in Colorado, when it rains it pours, when it snows, it blizzards.  Ironically enough, Ian mowed yesterday :)  Oh Colorado and your crazy bi-polar weather!

I am a safe driver...I only take pictures while I am at stoplights.
What I've been enjoying: Ian cooking!  It is so nice to come home from work and relax for a bit.
What I've been reading: Naming Infinity - I checked this out at the library - so, so interesting!
What I've been running: dreadmill, dreadmill, and more dreadmill with the yucky weather this week
What I've been humming: The Doxology and Great is the Lord (by Michael W. Smith)(from like 1982)