Monday, December 31, 2012

Because you can't go an entire month without blogging

Oh goodness - it has been forever!  I keep taking pictures with the intent to blog and then it does not happen.  Sometimes, I miss all those desk-warming hours.  Oh wait, I just bumped the heat up to 68 degrees and our bathroom pipes aren't frozen....maybe I don't miss desk-warming after all :)

I do miss having time to blog.  Maybe that should be a New Year's Resolution.

Okay, here are random pictures from my life. Enjoy!

This is Michigan's first State Penitentiary Unit.  I ran past it (and thought it was a castle).  So I had to stop and check it out. (We were in Michigan for a wedding.)

Ian and I attended a wedding of some dear college friends AND we got to see a lot of the girls and guys I ran cross-country with in college.  AND I got to hang-out with Kristi and her two sweet kiddos.

We got to spend Christmas Eve with my parentals and one of my math ed. buddies from college.  We played Scrabble.  She won.  It was quite the game.  I did come up with the word, "wavey" it is a type of goose.

This is one of about 247 pictures my sister-in-law took for us.  This one did not make the cut for the Christmas card, but I still like it.   Speaking of which...

Here is our 2012 Christmas Letter.

And this is the back of the mini-van before we drove back to Colorado.  Thanks Mommabomma and Daddio for letting us ride with you and for hauling all of our stuff too.