Friday, August 17, 2012

Thank You Chingos

Dear Waygookin Chingos,
First I must say I always want to call you chingas, but that is because my brain mixes Korean and Spanish together.  If you get nothing else out of this post, please get this:

Thank you for journeying over the last two years with me.  I know that some of you may have only been here for the first year, or I may have only met in the last few month (or somewhere in between).  Regardless, you have been a blessing in my life.

You have made my world a bigger place.  I know understand so much more of the world from meeting all of you.  You have made me want to travel to places I never even knew existed before we moved to Korea.  I want to eat your food, meet your family, and see your hometown.
And by making my world bigger,  you have made my heart bigger as well.
My heart has grown to love countries and people I never knew.  And my love for people has not only grown wider but deeper, too.  I am so grateful that I met each one of you and we have touched each others' lives.  You understand my life in Korea because it is your life too.  You have left your home, become a foreigner, and understand the fun/crazy/weird/lovely Korean culture that we find ourselves in.  I seriously (seriously) can not imagine my life without ya'll.  I really can not believe that we will be leaving soon :(  but we will go with our hearts full of love and our minds full of memories.  

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  1. you are so great!!! I can't believe no one else had commented on this yet!! I am so happy I met you and had an instant feeling of "we will be great friends" from God and we were :) I feel like since coming back, for me, you are definitely the one that I feel the most sad about not being here. You were down the street from me! (even thought I don't even live in Daegu anymore lol I like to pretend sometimes) and then you are not there lol. When I rode the bus to church a couple of weeks ago I was like maybe I could see Ian and Alissa get on or see them waking to church and then I was like no, I can't, they're in America lol. Hope you had a good week!! I will be in your country for a few days in January, in NYC so I am pretty excited. I will definitely visit you guys when I move back to Canada xooxo