Sunday, September 2, 2012

A new place, a new month, and a new look

Whew!  August 2012 is over.  It was a pretty big month for us.  We started it in Korea teaching and we ended here, in Colorado, on a new adventure.

Since we have so many changes going on, I thought it would be fun to update my blog a bit.  I did all the design myself.  So if something is funky, please tell me :-).  I will try to mess with more computer code and online tutorials to fix it.

I had two different color inspirations for the new look: a flower and a rooster.

From Design Seeds (Becuase I love you, I included the hex and RGB values for you.)

Also from Design Seeds

I am saying this as your friend.  Do not go check out Design Seeds for color inspiration unless you have a lot of spare time on your hands.  It can totally suck you in.

On an unrelated note, you might notice that Bible Reading is missing from the tabs to choose from. Why you may ask...(ask for my sake) BECAUSE, I FINISHED reading through the whole entire Bible.  Booya!  I am done.  I now everything about God and Christianity (just kidding).  My new favorite chapter of the Bible is Ezekiel 16.  It explains, grace, salvation, idolatry, and God's enduring patience all in one chapter, albeit a bit graphically.

I just realized that I have not posted a picture of what we wake up to each and every morning.  So I will end this post with our gorgeous view.  Running trail, golf course, and mountains. (sigh of perfection)


  1. This is beautiful!!! Oh and the blognlooks great too :-P

    1. I know! Thanks for previewing it and giving me your opinion countless times - couldn't have done it without you!

  2. That is a beautiful rooster! And a gorgeous view. The blog colors are cheerful and pretty together.

    1. Holly, I know! As soon as I saw the rooster, I knew I was going to use it. The colors are so pretty! I am pretty sure we have the best view for living on campus. Most people have to look out onto a parking lot :P

  3. I am so glad to see this post :) It sounds like you are settling in to your new life well. but gosh we miss you. keep writing so we can know how you are doing. Bible study wont be the same without you.
    ps: love the new blog look