Monday, May 7, 2018

Eric's Ice Cream Factory {2018 Summer Blog Project}

I decided that I needed a summer project.  Being new to northwest Ohio, I am not familiar with the area ice cream venues.  So Ian and I are going to visit different ice cream sites and give a rating / review of each.

There was a car dealership across the road so Samuel thought our seats were the best ever - life does not get better than ice cream and watching cars

First up, Eric's Ice Cream Factory. There are several in the area - we visited one in Defiance.  I have to say that I was really impressed!  They had 24 (I think?) different flavors of homemade ice cream (they had soft serve, but who has soft serve when there is another option?)


  1. nice employees
  2. reasonable price
  3. generous serving
  4. wide variety of flavors 
  5. the location we went to had indoor and outdoor seating (and the outdoor seating area was clean)
  6. they had highchairs
  7. they had little tasting spoons (this is a big deal to me as it helps me eat my ice cream slower)
  8. the are "real food" items available as well
  9. they are open late if Ian and I want to go after we put Samuel to bed

  1. distance - it would be nice if it was in Paulding (I have a feeling that this will be a negative for all places we try this summer - deep sadness)

Being a good Ohio citizen, I had tried the Buckeye Ice Cream.  Ian had "the bomb" which was vanilla ice cream with brownie batter and caramel.  Both were so good (I think the Buckeye was better).  Samuel was indecisive and wanted to eat all of both.

I am glad that we gave Eric's a try. I now have high expectations for the other ice places in the area.  I can see a lot of summer date nights involving Eric's Ice Cream Factory.

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