Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Best Field Trip Ever

Yesterday I was asked to help with a field trip. I agreed. I am not really sure what "helping" entailed, but in Korea when your vice principals "asks" she is really "telling" :)

Then I found out that we were taking 180 5th graders to the World Track and Field Championships. I was so pumped and adding to my excitement was the fact that it was free for me to go! (you know how I love free).

Daegu Stadium
One of the positive aspects about teaching English is that I am not directly responsible for any class. My job for the field trip was to just stay with the group. Another positive aspect about teaching English is that my students only see me once a week, so they some of them thought it was really cool that I came with them.

A good time was had by all

for about 5 minutes
Then the kiddos got bored. I, on other hand, thoroughly enjoyed the first 3.5 hours (then I got tired of the kids being bored. Bored kids = kids who will get trouble).
The events of the morning were:
Women's Long Jump (for the heptathlon)
Men's High Jump (qualifier not the finals)
Women's 5k (qualifier not the finals)
Men's 1500 (qualifier not the finals)
Women's Javelin Throw (for the heptathlon)
Women's Triple Jump (qualifier not the final)

Can you guess what event was my favorite?

The Women's 5k, of course!

Even though we were in the nose-bleed section and even though I was only American in the nose-bleed section (everyone else was Korean), I cheered loud and proud for the American women in the 5k (and the other American athletes). The kiddos thought I was off my rocker.


2 of the 3 American women (for the 5k) made it to finals! Go ladies! It was so intense to watch the races. My heart was pumping as I watched the athletes and thought of the many times I had raced on the track.

By 12:45 I was ready to head back to school - it was quite warm out - and the students were finding the most interesting ways to amuse themselves.

I have no idea what this boy is doing.  But I told him to stop it  :)

I had so much fun today! By far, this was my favorite field trip of all time.

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  1. Ummm yeahhh! Awesome that the 5k was on... even tho it was just the qualifier. How fast did they run!?!?!?