Tuesday, July 17, 2012

3rd Grade {for those of you without Facebook}

If you have facebook, this is probably going to be a boring post.  But I want those of you without facebook to experience my pictures as well.

Here are my 3rd Grade Classes from this semester:

Class 3.1  They are better than a cup of black coffee on Monday mornings :-)
I teach 3rd grade on Monday mornings.
Class 3.3  One of thee CUTEST students I have taught is in this class.  His parting words to me on Monday were, "Arissa-teacher, remember me..."  I almost gave him a hug.  Also little girl in the front with the pink glasses prays during game time sometimes.  Beyond cute.

The third graders think I am a rock star.  Or a celebrity.  Or someone famous.  Whenever they see me, they go crazy.  "HELLO ARISSA TEACHER!"  I try to soak up being famous while I can.  The rest of the kiddos (4th, 5th, and 6th graders) think I am old news.

Class 3.2 :  When given the opportunity to ask Alissa-teacher anything on Monday, the first question asked by this class was, "If you are American, why aren't your eyes blue?" (that was not the exact question, but that was what they meant).  Gotta love kids!
I think third graders are rock stars.  They will gladly participate in role-plays.  And they are really dramatic.  

Class 3.4  This class definitely wins "Best Behaved".  And the girls in the class help me with my style (Arissa-teacher {a bunch of stuff in Korean} - look at my coteacher expectantly and she explains that they are saying they like me better when my hair is NOT pulled back)  Thanks girls.  I will take all the help I can get.
So here's to you 3rd grade!  May you always be full of energy and ready to participate in class!

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