Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Running Tip Tuesday {My Confession of Going No 'poo}

This is not so much about running as it is my hair :)  But still useful to crunchy runners.

Things that you need to know before reading this: Shampoo is expensive in Korea.  There is no one-dollar bottles of Sauve.  A bottle of shampoo here is 9 US dollars (or more).  And I am frugal.  So I was convinced that we could buy one bottle of shampoo and have it last us an entire year. 

I realized that the shampoo was not going to make it an entire year, so around November (when I was taking some time off after running a half marathon) I decided to try going "no 'poo".  Basically you wash your hair with baking soda instead of shampoo.  (Baking soda is way cheaper than shampoo! Oh yeah, we fly out in 14 days and we (by we I mean Ian) is/are still using the same bottle of shampoo that we started with last August!  Success!)

This is the thing about washing your hair with baking soda.  You are only supposed to do it once every 3 days.  Let me repeat: once.every. three. days.

Ya'll!  I run 6 days a week!  I get hot and sweaty when I run (including my scalp/hair!).

So this is my awesome/amazing solution to how to run on a daily basis and not wash your hair every single time:
Day 1: Run.  Shower.  Wash Hair.  Wear hair down.
Day 2: Run.  Shower.  Rinse Hair with only water.  Wear hair half up/half down (unless it is Saturday, then wear it in a messy bun)
Day 3: Run. Shower.  Rinse Hair with Water.  Wear hair in a ponytail.  
Day 4 = Day 1

Ta-dah!  I don't know if this will work for ya'll, but it works for me and my hair.  I have been doing it for 9 or 10 months pretty successfully. Yes, I am a low maintenance person.  Yes, my hair is probably a different texture, length, thickness, etc than yours...but if you want to run (or exercise) and give no 'poo a try, you can do it.

So do some reading, think about it, if it seems good to you, go for it.

For my sake, does anyone else have any hippie/crunchy confessions to make? :-)

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