Sunday, February 17, 2013

Week 7 + 8

Hi friends!  I am trying to think of interesting things that have happened recently.

Um, coming up blank. 

So here are the uninteresting details of life lately

  • Our car has new oil and new tires.  And soon she will have a new battery.  The car dealership where all of this newness takes place has the sweetest coffee maker ever.  I am pretty sure if it were in my home, I would gain 100 lbs very quickly from drinking caffe mochas all the time.
  • Have I ever mentioned that I adore the kiddos that I nanny?  Even when the wee one is potty training and there is poop in the pants, I still love these kids.  9 months ago, I would have said that I like infants and teens but not anyone in between (unless he or she is a Korean elementary school child).  It is so great to have some little people to love on.  All three of them happen to think that Miss Alissa is pretty cool :)
  • We attended Aida with the Youth Group from church on Friday night.  It was good.  Definitely written by Elton John and Tim Rice.  If I had small children, I would not take them to see it.  The students that performed were so talented!

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