Friday, May 10, 2013

That one time I posted a bunch of pictures

So, I am a bit behind in the blogging world :)  Let's catch up shall we?

It snowed, in the last week of April.  And no one felt a need to plow the streets.

I take pictures while driving, but only if I am at a stoplight.
I drove about  20 mph (32 kph) to work that day

It snowed.  IN MAY. (#comeonspring) The not fun part (besides wanting a Happy May Day) was that the ground was warm enough that the running trail was a complete muddy mess - ugh.  At least it was pretty.

May 1st in Colorado
I have established a new rule.  If it snows, I can listen to Christmas music.  It makes for a much less grumpier existence.
Then I flew to the Midwest to visit family.  This is what greeted me on my run. Praise the Lord for spring in the Midwest.

I ran the Thank Dank 5k while I was visiting the Midwest.  This is a very special race and I am so glad I was able to participate.  {Sidenote: Seeing famers cry breaks my heart!  They say time heals, I don't know if that is necessarily true.  When you loose someone, there is still grief, even years later}.  It has been a long time since I ran a 5k on grass/mud/gravel/anything that is not concrete.

the traditional pre-race photo (note how clean my shoes were)

It was a hometown race, so I came in as the second female overall and won my gender/age group.  My brother placed in his age/gender group too. And my sister-in-law lead the fun walk.  Such a great day!

Post race photo.  My brother and his sweet wifey, and P.S.
And then it was time to head back.  I tried to have my mom take a picture in the airport.

One is me talking to my mom, trying to explain what button to push, and the other is a more posed...
 Then I flew home and I was greeted my favorite person in the world! {sigh - it was so good to come home}  He bought me flowers.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE the kiddos I nanny, oh goodness - it is a bit ridiculous how much I can gush over them.  I was taking a picture to text to Ian.  The Wee One said she wanted to be in it.  This is what we ended up with. 

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