Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

This by far is the oddest Thanksgiving of my life :)  No turkey trot to run, no Macy's Day Parade to watch on TV, no oven to cook Thanksgiving dinner in, and no days off of school.  I am thankful that I have to work today.  It is far better to busy than to sit at home and have a pity-party for myself.  This morning while my amazing husband and I ate breakfast, we started on the annual Thanksgiving Thankful list of 2010 (you can click here to read the entire list).  Every year I write a list of 100 things I am thankful for.  My amazing husband made me chocolate-chip banana pancakes for breakfast today.  I added peanut butter instead of syrup - they were delicious!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, back to the making of ze list :)  I simply asked, what are you thankful for?  And he started listing off (to me) the most random things.  Then I realized that he was looking around our kitchen naming off things he saw.  When he got to number 44 and stated "Chick flicks" I raised my eyebrows and asked why he was thankful for chickflicks.  His reply, "What movies would I take you to, if there weren't chick flicks?"  Yup - he is a keeper!
We only got to number 80 by the time breakfast was over and we had to get ready for school.  So I finished the list today while I was at school and typed it up.

Tonight we will eat dinner with other Americans and watch a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on Youtube.  Not what I ever imagined my first Thanksgiving married to be like, but then sometimes life throws you surprises and things unexpected.  Do I miss home?  Most definitely.  Do I miss my family and friends?  Even more so.  Am I thankful that my amazing husband and I are growing closer to each other and God through this great adventure?  You betcha.  Will I bore my children some day with stories of my first Thanksgiving married to their father?  Sure thang hahahaha.  Suggestion: go make your own thankful list :)  (it is fun, I promise)

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