Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Running Tip Tuesday - My Tunes Part 1

Hey ya'll, I think I could write a lot today, but I am going to try to keep it short and sweet.  I never ran with music...until the past October.  Since becoming running-partner/friend-less, I have grown to love running while listening to music.

I am pretty specific about what music I listen to (for a variety of reasons).  If I am running I want the tempo to upbeat (basically if I would play the song at a dance party, then I can run to it!).  I also like to focus on Jesus while running (wootwoot for the Running Partner that never leaves you nor forsakes you!)  Confession: I made a playlist in October and I have not changed it since.  So besides my Christmas music running playlist, I have listened to the same 16 songs every time I go running.

I like routines.  What can I say?

Running Tip Tuesday: Good music contributes to a good run!

Here is the beginning of my running playlist: (I linked them to YouTube in case you are unfamiliar with the songs)
Sing, Sing, Sing :: Chris Tomlin
I Will Go :: Starfield  (Starfield was at Dare2Share a few years ago and I LOVED them!)
Forever and Ever :: David Crowder Band
The Invasion (Hero) :: Trip Lee (I think I could listen to this about 6 times in a row and be okay with it...not that I have done that during a hill workout before)
Don't Waste Your Life :: Lecrae (featuring some other people)
No One Like You :: David Crowder Band
Change :: Lecrae
Man, Whatcha Doin? :: FM Static
Forget and Not Slow Down :: Reliant K
Go Hard :: Lecrae

I would say that my top two favorite artists right now are JJ Heller and Sara Groves...but they do not really lend themselves to the running world all so well (believe me, I have tried).  If I had to pick just one artist to run to, it would definitely be Lecrae.

What is your favorite song or musician to run to?

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