Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wiping off the Cobwebs

It is the first week of school here in Korea.  I was teaching a lesson to the 5th graders (when we moved to Korea they were in 3rd grade!  Bah - my babies all grown up!).  The title of the lesson was, "I'm from Brazil." (FORESHADOWING).

We were looking at a map of the world.  I asked the kiddos, "What country is this?"  (I was, of course, pointing at a country on the map.)  The first three answers were, "America"  "England" and "Ap-pree-ca" (that is Africa).

Um, no, try again.  I may nor may not have started smiling at this point.

I finally gave in and told them that it is Brazil!

In defense of the rest of the 5th grade kiddos, I only had 10 kids out of 125 guess incorrectly.  Yeah, we are trying to shake the cobwebs out this week!

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