Friday, April 27, 2012

Cherry Blossoms 2012

I am not sure where today has gone, but it has flown by.  I am desk-warming today.  I had a whole list of stuff to do.  So far, only 7 items have been crossed off.  Oh well, such is life.

A few weeks ago, the cherry blossom trees were blossoming here in Daegu.  Ian and I went for a walk to try to capture some of the gorgeous colors and enjoy the long awaited spring weather!

There is a river in our neighboorhood.  We stopped to watch people out on the paddle-boats.

It was a warm day.  Ian got tired and decided to lay down on a bench to rest.

He claims it is comfortable.

I took pictures while he rested.

I love this gate.  We walk past it everyday on our way to school.  It looks so, well, Asian.

Here is a collage of pictures we took.  (I have this need to post every picture we ever take.  It is a bit ridiculous on my part.)

My favorite part of the day was spending it with this guy!
Can you tell I found a new photo editing site to play around on?


  1. Thanks for those pictures.

    Only 7 things checked off? I celebrate many days when I get to check off 7 things.

  2. I had about 30 things on the list :-)