Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Welp, I have not blogged in forever!  But here are some pictures of life in the last week or so.

Last Tuesday was sports day at my school.  It was my third time experiencing this fun day.  I did not take too many pictures.  But here are some of the 3rd grade kiddos doing a dance together.

This little girl in the front is Yumi or Yuri or something close to that :)

And here are some students playing the O X game.  A teacher would read a sentence and the students would walk to the O side if they agreed with the statement and walk to the X side if they thought the stament was wrong.  Then the teacher would say if the answer was O or X.  If you were on the incorrect side, you were out and had to go sit down. 

On Friday night, Ian and I went out to eat with some of his co-workers.  We had galbi and it was delicious!  The guys came over to our place for coffee afterwards.

(From L to R) Mark, Bob, Ian, Mr. Kim, 6th grade homeroom teacher (with THEE CUTEST baby I have ever seen in my life...yeah, I know I say that about all babies), and Mr. Han.

And here is proof that I cooked dinner.  Pretty much since moving to Korea, my amazing husband holds down the cooking department.  (Yes, I am well aware of how spoiled I am!)  But it REALLY nice to come home to a nice cooked meal after running.  And all during marathon training season, Ian was SO great about waiting for me to get home.  So I thought I should give him the night off and cook for him.

I always feel so accomplished after making my own ricotta to mix with the other cheese.

Granted we did not eat until after 7.  But you win some and you loose some.

Win!  I can't wait for leftovers!
We had asparagus for the "bangchan" (that is Korean for side dish.  Koreans are really into their bangchan.)  Can I just say it ROCKS to have connections to the US Military Base's grocery store.  Yeah for asparagus!  We ate all of it for dinner last night.  It was so. good.  Yum-o.

Happy Monday!  What was the best part of your weekend?

I think Mark and Bob are blowing kisses.  Don't ask me why though.  ^^

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