Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekend in Busan {Craft Day & Baby Shower}

We headed to Busan this past weekend!  It was a blast!  I have been so ridiculously blessed with the friendships formed here in Korea.

On Saturday I got to hangout with friends, cross-stitch, and eat American chocolate.  Does life get better than this?  I, of course, did not remember to take pictures.  (So insert a mental image.)

Sunday we headed to church and then to a baby shower!  Someone is having a baby boy!  Actually, it was a double baby shower (two moms, two baby boys on the way.)  Honestly, I love holding babies right now in my life, but I am a-okay that we are not the ones about to be parents.  The thought is too overwhelming.  BUT I am SO excited to be in the position to spoil the wee ones around us.

Yeah!  Who knew babies needed so much fun stuff?  Showers are so educational!

The guys did not cross-stitch or eat American chocolate (well maybe they ate some, but not as much as I did! ha.) but they did enjoy playing video games and throwing a Frisbee around during the baby shower.  Win-win.

I think I am getting a bit side-tracked.  Anywho, before said baby-shower, the expectant mothers got to make and frost a black-forest cake.  Wa!  Decorating cakes in Korea are way more complicated than I thought.  They rocked it.  The cake ended up beautiful and delicious.

The mommas-to-be and their cake!

The baby shower was so fun ya'll.  I met someone from Mississippi and Georgia this weekend.  Ya'll, they say, "ya'll".  ohmygoodness.  people saying ya'll = happy heart!  I dd not win any of the baby shower games, but I did learn what a diaper is called in South Africa (a nappy) and that we are born with 300 bones. 
After the baby shower we were headed back to Daegu!  It was a busy weekend, but so fun.  Won't trade it for the world :)

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