Tuesday, May 15, 2012


The last four weeks have been interesting for me.  I don't want to go into details (my goal is to reflect not to offend people.)  I did not realize how reformed I have become.   I did not realize how complicated evangelism was.  I did not realize how fun evangelism can be...when you are tag-teaming with your amazing husband (who amazes me).  I did not realize how much sweeter grace could be than it was already was to me.

Let me clarify, grace is sweet.  More than I could ever describe to you.  Grace is radical.  If you don't understand grace, go read the New Testament.  Write down every verse about grace.  Then read the Old Testament, see where we were before God Incarnate came to Earth.

Or better yet, go chat with someone who does not understand grace and thinks that we can earn our own salvation through doing good things (yikes!).

And as I told someone last night, "We are not put on earth to do.  We are put on earth to glorify God."  (That was the light bulb moment was I was like, "Self, you have now entered the territory know as 'reformed'. ")

My heart needed to read this today.  I knew it.  But I needed to be reminded.

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  1. Ferguson women learn a lot about grace from Ferguson men :-)