Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I can't think of a fun title for this one

My parents came to visit this past weekend.

See?  They came!  And we took them out for some Korean food (YUM-O!)

At some point during the weekend, my mom mentioned that I should email her my weekly menu plans to give her ideas and hold her accountable on menu planning (not that I ever lecture my mom on the importance of making and sticking to a meal plan).

And since I have not blogged in a long time, I thought you might want to read what we will be eating this coming week.  I grocery shop on Wednesdays (hence I start there with my meal plan).

  • Wednesday: Pizza, Salad, and Bread sticks (The amazing hubs is going to whip out the pizza, the bread sticks are coming from the freezer section).   We are having guests and I thought we needed something extra...like bread stick.  
  • Thursday: Meatloaf, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, and Green Beans
  • Friday: Thai Chicken Pasta
  • Saturday: Crockpot Chili (I will only use half a pound of beef in this recipe)
  • Sunday: Cheesy Beef and Rice Casserole, (and the other half pound of beef in this recipe) and Broccoli & Cauliflower
  • Monday: French Toast
  • Tuesday: Leftovers/Clean out the Fridge
Extra Ideas (in case the menu plan flops OR I don't feel like cooking what is on the list OR we need something to eat for lunch and don't feel like leftovers).
PB and J, Egg Sandwich, Pancakes, Grilled Cheese, Quesadilla, PB crackers...

Be inspired!  Go forth and menu plan!


  1. Yummy! Can I come for dinner?

  2. I am inspired!! And also jealous. Can you post this every week? I can either mimic your menu or just find a way to get over there and join you for dinner!

  3. Kerry and Bethany Rose - you are both more than welcome to come over for dinner ANY TIME you want!

  4. I would love to come over!! We'll have to brainstorm how to make it happen. :) I did get in a cooking "mode" this past week, partly due to parents/grandparents visiting over the weekend. Thought I'd share some of the menus I came up with, and if you want a recipe, let me know! They were all successful, so I guess it's a win!
    Friday night:
    -Roasted duck, orange glazed carrots, duck fat roasted potatoes with garlic and parsley, corn bread, apple crisp from scratch (40 min including baking on the crisp--so easy & good!)

    -Pumpkin muffins, fresh fruit, yogurt, granola, coffee/juice/milk

    -(Confession: didn't cook all the meals. they were visiting, I couldn't help but take them to a couple of my favorite places out!!) Roasted chicken/portabella/mozzarella/arugula sandwiches on ciabatta, roasted mushroom soup or fire roasted tomato basil soup, truffle french fries

    -Pierogi Pizza (the best pizza in Greensburg: Zach and I may fly back out here someday when we actually have incomes, just because it's so good!!), as well as mixed greens salad/olives/tomatoes/onions/blue cheese homemade dressing

    -Brunch: eggs benedict w/ portabella mushroom instead of ham, egg skillet w/ potatoes/cheese/ham/onions/peppers, oat pancakes w/ blueberry compote, etc.

    -Taco soup (mom's recipe--so good!) w/ tortilla chips/cheese/sour cream/salsa/tomatoes/avocados/etc. Moose tracks ice cream for dessert :)

    -Breakfast casserole (mom's recipe also--make the night before, pop it in oven an hour before mealtime: easy and always a success!) w/ sausage, egg, cheese/hashbrowns/green onions/ mushrooms; also toast, fruit, yogurt.