Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Menu Plan :: Mid-November

Can you see how long this hill is!?! The bottom of it is way back by the river...wowzas, it was not all that steep, but llooonng
Here are some of the meals we have been enjoying/will enjoy in the near future:

  • Banana, Blackberry, Spinach, Yogurt Smoothies (sounds gross, tastes awesome).
  • French Toast Casserole
  • Mexican Goodness (I used less meat and added black beans, onions, green pepper, and my own taco seasoing.)
  • Chessy Casserole
  • Egg Bake
  • Mac, Cheese, and Hotdogs  (Mom, if you are reading this, it was NOT my idea to eat this meal)
  • Chicken and Stir-fry Veggies (we may or may not get free chicken and free stir-fry veggies we eat it a lot)
  • Chocolate-Chip Pancakes (what is better than getting back from a FREEZING run Sunday morning and being greeted with some hot pancakes?  Further proves that I have the best.husband.ever)
  •  Homemade Pizza (which I still say "pee-ja" in my brain)
  • Two-tone Fudge Brownies (only make these if 5 men are coming to your house for a game night, and make them about 5 minutes before people start arriving - otherwise the pan maybe empty.)
  • Leftovers  (I seem to be really good at making enough food to feed 4 or 5 people, not just 2, so we eat a lot of leftovers...I am trying to get better about scaling back recipes.)
  • Coffee, creamer, and stevia (It seems "that time" of the semester has hit.  Pray for the amazing hubs.)
And now for more pictures that I have taken recently, but not shared:

These are my running shoes that are DEAD but comfy so I am still wearing them at 550 miles.  And my new running capris...that we are calling a {very} "early" birthday present.  And it snowed {again}.  And I slipped on the snow/ice about 3 seconds after taking this...nice, Alissa, nice.

This is what you get to see after running the long, not-so-steep hill...gorgeous!  {I am secretly trying to convince everyone I know to move to CO,}
It seems I only take picture when I run.  Weird. 

What are you eating and/or enjoying about your week? 


  1. Mac & Cheese with hotdogs is an old favorite quick to fix dinner. The kids loved it.

  2. My mouth watering after reading about those lovely meals. It does look like 'almost' heaven. Will definitely have to visit some day.