Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thankfuls 2012

Every since I was like 10, I have written a list of 100 things I am thankful for on Thanksgiving. The tradition began one year when I was bored while riding in the car to Grandma and Grandpas. It is one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving now. (Thanks Phumi for joining the fun this year - you rock!)

You would think with 28 hours (24 hours of driving and 4 hours of gas/food/etc breaks) of traveling this past Thanksgiving season, we would have had more than enough time to write out our thankful list.  Alas, we did not.  But better late than never.

A thought I had several times this past Thanksgiving season: Whom are you thankful to?

For me, the answer is easy: Praise God from whom all blessings flow.  

But what if you do not believe in God?  Then whom?  I mean in saying, "Thank you" there is clearly a someone who do you reference?  Just my two cents.

As always, this is no particular order.

Here we go: (the ones in blue were stated by Ian - p.s. he was in the middle of something and I started with the "what are you thankful for?")
  1. God is good.
  2. and He is faithful.
  3. My Love (that would be me)
  4. Jesus
  5. family
  6. a big oven
  7. Emily P. Freeman
  8. Kakao Emoticons
  9. Christmas lights
  10. a good, patient, funny, husband that eats whatever I cook with only compliments
  11. a vacuum
  12. spell-check
  13. M, B, & C - the kiddos I nanny for
  14. G & K - the amazing parents of the kiddos I nanny for
  15. books
  16. computers
  17. Seminary
  18. warm blankets
  19. big closets
  20. gift cards
  21. towels from the dryer
  22. 908 lovely and fabulous days of marriage - and many more to come!
  23. pretty authentic Korean restaurants in America
  24. coffee
  25. coffee creamer
  26. Tsh
  27. starting AND finishing cross-stitch projects
  28. the ability to run
  29. American grocery stores
  30. God provided, God is providing, and God will provide
  31. cereal + milk
  32. warm (or cold) running water
  33. being able to own and read the Bible in my language
  34. Christmas music
  35. Grandpa + Kathryn
  36. treasured memories of my grandparents who have already finished the race set before them
  37. America
  38. cookbooks
  39. pizza
  40. making potato cakes
  41. sex
  42. Colorado weather
  43. running club
  44. friends (there is a lot here I could say, but I will keep it short - friends.are.vital.)
  45. hamburgers
  46. meatloaf
  47. meatballs
  48. our car
  49. being part of the Church
  50. the freedom to vote
  51. World Vision
  52. treadmills
  53. checking the mailbox to find it is not empty
  54. ice cream
  55. paper snowflakes
  56. grace
  57. Facebook
  58. the view out our window
  59. libraries
  60. those who have gone before me in high-altitude baking and left a record
  61. slippers
  62. smartphones
  63. GPS
  64. electricity
  65. ranch salad dressing
  66. lazy days
  67. our Korean adventure
  68. the Holy Spirit - our seal and guarantee
  69. being done with the "I am adjusting to the high altitude" phase of running
  70. candles
  71. Laura
  72. going on dates
  73. Skype
  74. touchscreens in the back of airplane seats
  75. the change of seasons
  76. the hubs making amazing, delicious food
  77. the space heater
  78. early birthday presents
  79. the Word became flesh and dwelt among us
  80. good health
  81. places to pass along items that we no longer need (Goodwill/Salvation Army)
  82. Google
  83. beer
  84. airplanes - getting us from point A to point B quickly
  85. jokes
  86. Therefore now, there is no condemnation for those of you who are in Christ Jesus...
  87. discount grocery stores
  88. online sermons
  89. things that make running more fun, mainly my Garmin and the Zune
  90. being able to get-up and go whenever we want, where ever we want (cough, we don't have kids yet, cough)
  91. time to reflect
  92. cheese
  93. board games
  94. staplers
  95. my memory
  96. alarms, timers, and watches
  97. music
  98. Ian giving me sips of his coffee or bites of his food
  99. Advent
  100. knowing and being set free by Truth

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