Sunday, January 20, 2013

Week 3 (and one of the best quotes I have heard in awhile)

Hi!  I am still finding my rhythm with my New's Years Resolution of blogging once a week.  Exciting moments from our third week of 2013.
  • I bought honey wheat bread (for the Chicken Salad Sandwiches) from Panera.  So good!  I don't know if I will ever be able to go back grocery store bread.  If you buy it and they give the option of slicing it thick or thin.  Pick thick!
  • The Wee One that I nanny for (she will be 3 in March) comes up with some great quotes sometimes.  For example, this week, while strolling through Target in her purple princess puffy fufu dress (and light up Disney Princess snow boots), she had a fantastic quote.  We were walking past the CD sampler section (you know the aisle that plays the music).  There was some classical/elevator music playing.  She said, "Dat sounds like Cheesuz!"  (That sounds like Jesus).  I asked her what Jesus sounds like.  She told me, "Pweety"  (pretty).  Then launched into her own unique rendition of  "Cheesuz Lobes Me" mixed with "Twinkle, Twinkle, Wittle Star".   Pre-cious!
  • We saw a hawk this week.  
  •  I made Alfredo Sauce for the first time in my life this week (recipe).  It is not hard at all!  I will say that the first time the sauce was GREAT, but once we refrigerated it, we had a hard time reheating it without it separating.  My next idea is to ask My Amazing Husband to make homemade pizza and see how chicken alfredo pizza turns out.  Basically the story of my life is, "mmmm this taste great!  Can I make it into a pizza somehow?"  I just googled it - Chicken alfredo pizza DOES exist.  
  • I am tired of moving.  I can not wait to be done.  I keep thinking we are almost done, and then I realize we have 20394820385 more carloads of stuff.  I feel like we have been moving since last June.
  • We attended a seminar this weekend at church.  It was very informative!  I did not realize that there are places in America less than 1% Christian populations - mind-blowing!
  • Ian only has 4 more days of Old Testament J-term to go!  Wootwoot!
This was sitting super-close to our new apartment - crazy!

What I've been making: Chicken + Alfredo Sauce + Pasta, Meatballs, Chicken + Feta + Pecan + Craisins + Spinach, Chicken Salad Sandwich (We used my friend's Sara's recipe, but toasted a piece of bread, put on some Chicken Salad, topped it with a slice of cheese and broiled it.), Lasagna
What I've been reading: Esther and Ephesians 
What I've been wearing: T-shirst - who wears t-shirts in January!?!?!
What I've been enjoying: getting to know more people in church family
What I've been buying: we bought a microwave cart for the new apartment this week - best.choice.ever.  It makes us feel like we have a lot more counter space.

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