Thursday, June 7, 2012

Annyeonghi-gyeseyo Dae Han Minguk

Anneyeonghigyeseyo is good-bye (somewhat formally) in Korean when you are the person leaving and the other person is staying.

Dae Han Minguk is Korean for Republic of Korea. 

So it has come time to say good-bye to Korea. 

We mailed 29.64 kg (that is, 65 pounds) of stuff (winter clothes mostly) to America today.  It is happening.  We are moving.  To America.  I am not quite sure how I feel (nervous - yes, sad - yes, excited - yes, all three mixed together - yes), nevertheless it is happening.

There will be a lot of things that I will miss about life in Korea.  One of them is:

Delivery food with real plates

When we moved here, I noticed a lot of dishes outside of people's apartment doors with food still on them.  I thought weird.  Now I know.  When you order food here (with the exception of pizza or fried chicken), it is delivered on real (not disposable) plates, bowl, and silverware.  It is so nice.  And then when you are done, you set everything outside the door it was delivered to.  The delivery boys/men/women/whomever come by later and pick up the dishes.  It is a great system.  I am going to miss it in America.  Not to mention the amazingly inexpensive delivery service. 

This was back in Aug. 2010, when we were learning how to say, "annyeonghamshinka". 

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