Friday, June 29, 2012

Week o' Lunches :: Day 5

And last but not least, last Friday's lunch:
picture from my school's website

A. kimchi
B. sauteed veggies (mushrooms, bok chey, and maybe some spinach)
C. chicken curry
D. rice
E. udon noodles soup (the squares are odang)


Have I ever  blogged about odang before?  It is a popular food in Korea.  Basically (as I understand it) they take all of the parts of the fish you don't want to eat and grind it up very fine powder.  Then they make a paste out of it and cook it.  Thus odang.  (I found this and this about odang).  I find it quite funny that Koreans call odeng, "o-dang".  Whenever I see that we are eating odang for lunch I think to myself, "Oh dang". Really ya'll, I have no idea what all is in odang, but all I can think when I am eating it is, "fish eyes, fish brains, fish intestines, fish skin....".  It is fascinating to me how much Koreans like odang.  It is sold from the street venders here and it goes like hotcakes (or should I say fishcakes?).

Thanks for following along with my week of lunches!  Next up, my newly invented pizza!

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