Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Week o' Lunches :: Day 3

Wednesdays are my favorite school-lunch day.  For some reason, the school lunch ladies out-do themselves on Wednesdays.  On Wednesdays, we have curry and rice, or fried rice, and even sometimes bimimbap!

Last Wednesday's Lunch:

picture from my school's website

A. cucumber kimchi
B. watermelon (the Koreans I eat with, swallow their watermelon seeds)
C. chicken wings in some type of sauce (have you tried to take on chicken wings with chopsticks?)
D. kimchi fried rice
E. I am not exactly sure on this soup, Google Translate called it Oil Rich Smile, which I am pretty sure I am is wrong.  I call it tofu, mushroom, and other vegetables soup in my brain.  


  1. I am loving these posts! We had Thai food last night and I had lettuce wraps. And spring rolls. And crab rangoon. And it was delicious.

    1. Oh yeah! Glad you are enjoy them! Mmmmm Thai food! I can't wait for America! Miss you friend.