Monday, June 25, 2012

Week o' Lunches :: Day 1

I thought you might be interested in seeing what I eat for school lunch every day for a week.

Here is last Monday's lunch:

Photo from my school's website

A: kimchi
B: sauteed mushrooms and bok choy (you can google it)
C: a mixture of pork ribs (with the bone left in them), potatoes, carrots, and some garlic in some type of sauce
D: rice (specifically with bits of corn in it)
E: squid soup with some pieces of radish and green things


  1. Ian's grandpa Hunter would have really appreciated how they have sections for eat food item. Grandpa always tried to keep his food from touching other food on his plate.

    1. Koreans are pretty particular about their lunch trays. Thus far, every school has the exact same tray. And all Koreans arrange their lunches in the same little slots. Don't put the soup where the rice goes...unless you want people to stare at you for the entire lunch period.