Thursday, June 14, 2012

Adios Corea!

I did not know until I looked it up that Korea in Spanish is Corea.  Interesting.  I did feel proud of myself because I was able to recall that Corea del Sur is how to say South Korea.

Another trip was to made to the post office yesterday.  I am pretty sure that the postal people love us.  Especially when I pack the box too heavy.  And we get to purchase yet again another box.  I do have to say we are pretty consistent in our mailing of stuff.  The first time we sent 29.64 kg (65lbs) to America and this time it was 29.98 kg (66lbs).  I have a feeling we are going to have at least another 100lbs to mail.  Where did it all come from?  At least it is only $1.25 per pound to mail.

Moving on... (pun intended)

I do not remember when I came to this conclusion, but I am sure it was only a few months after moving to Korea.

Kai-bai-bo* solves every problem or conflict in Korea.

Two students are arguing over {insert something that children argue over}.  Kai-bai-bo it out kiddos.  So they do.  And this is the best part, it completely dissipates the situation.  I feel like kids in America would still be arguing over it.  But kids in Korea think that kai-bai-bo solves everything.

Which means they love me when I teach them Rock-Paper-Math.  Unlike my students in America who rolled their eyes.

Occasionally you even see adults playing kai-bai-bo.

* I guess I should explain that kai-bai-bo is short for kawi-bawi-bo.  Kawi = scissors  bawi= rock and bo = cloth (paper).  The kiddos are very adamant that it is not rock-paper-scissors, but rather, rock-scissors-paper.  After being here almost two years, they still correct me when I say, "Play rock-paper-scissors."  "No, Alreesuh-teacher.  It is rock-scissor-paper."  And every time I tell them that I am an America and in America the order is different.  I put in the same category as them saying, "nice to meet you" two years later as well.  Here is an informative blog post/video.

And yes, sometimes Ian and I joke that people decide who to vote for and which laws to pass by playing kai-bai-bo.

This picture of me, Na Kyeong, and Ji Young does not have anything to do with playing kai-bai-bo, I just like it!


  1. When you guys move back, we would LOVE LOVE LOVE for you and Ian to visit us in Indiana!

    1. Oh Brooke! Ian and I would love to come visit! We only have a week from the time we get back until the time we have to be in Colorado. But some day, I am sure we will be near Indy. And we will take you up on your offer! It will be a blast!

  2. Where did it all come from? We are betting a lot of the weight has to do with Ian's books.