Thursday, June 28, 2012

Week o' Lunches :: Day 4 {the one when I was convinced that I was eating a tree}

Last Thursday's lunch:

picture is from my school's website

A. radish kimchi
B. boiled burdock (ya'll, I have never eaten burdock before, but it looks, tastes, and smells like tree bark.  I am serious.  I really thought I was eating sauteed wood.  But you can google burdock.  Once I learned the role of burdock in velcro, I forgave it for tasting like wood.)
C. octopus + rice cake + vegetables (it may sound exotic to eat octopus for lunch, but it is's quite chewy)
D. black rice
E. tofu + vegetables + beef soup


  1. Miss Alissa,

    Please explain "the role of burdock in velcro"

    We love you,

    'the in-loves"

    1. I read on wikipedia that a man was out walking his dog when some burdock seeds got stuck in the dog's fur. The man examined the relationship between the seeds and the fur under a microscope. He then was inspired to create velcro. Cool, yeah?