Sunday, December 18, 2016

On turning 29

Today I turned 29 years old!   How crazy!  I seriously feel about exactly the same as I did when I was 23 (and when I was 23, I felt about 18 - ha!)  Last year, I did a good job of taking selfies throughout the day.  So far this year I have not taken any pictures, so I am going to steal one or two from last year:)

The main reason I am blogging today is that I feel like this is the "last"s of so many types of birthdays.  It could be my last birthday in Colorado.  It is my last birthday as a not-mom (before you are married, you are single...before you are a mom/parent, you are a_____?).  It is my last birthday of my 20s.  It is my last birthday (let's hope) as a Seminary Wife.  

We started our day at Snooze (after my amazing husband de-snowed and de-iced our car in the -1 degree weather).  We like Snooze for breakfast, but we don't make it there very often.  We went to Snooze last year for my birthday breakfast and then we did the same this year.  I had Gingerbread Pancakes topped with something awesome (I don't know what it was, but it was great!  Something in between butter and whipped cream.)  Ian had a jalapeno, mushroom, and sausage omelet.

It pretty much looked the same this year, except for more ice and snow.

After Snooze, we headed to find birthday present #1 - firewood.  When Ian asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year, the first thing that came to mind was, "a break from school" (which I am getting - I am enjoying the challenges I took on this year, but I have burnt myself out a bit, so I was ready for a break - praisetheLord!)  The next thing that came to mind was "a fire all day".  We so enjoy having a wood burning fireplace in our little apartment, but we don't burn a fire that often.  So Ian bought me two bundles of firewood and we have had a fire going all afternoon.  It smells a bit like a campfire in the apartment, but I don't care.  It is so cozy to hear the wood pop and crack as the fire burns.

my view from the couch - I am too lazy to try to get a good picture of our fire

We headed to church to see the Children's Program - we can't believe that in a few years we will have a kiddo up there and I will be the Mom in the front row trying to video it all on my phone to send to grandparents {mindblowing}.  The kids did a good job and it was fun to see all their different personalities and watch them sing.   After church we stopped at home for a snack and then headed out for birthday fun round #2.

We went to Target and stopped at the Starbucks there for my free birthday drink {venti decaf holiday spice flat white}.  We wandered Target and I looked at all the cute white girl things and all the cute baby things that I have registered for but not seen in person yet.  We hit up the maternity section and I found a top that fits (and looks festive, but I can wear after the holidays soon).  Ian said my requests for new windshield wipers and certain pencils were not real requests so he let me wander Target and bought me whatever we came across.  We ended up with a maternity top and a pregnancy wedge - it is a type of pillow that is supposed to help me sleep better (doubtful, but it was on sale fore 10 bucks so I will give it a try).

After Target, we stopped by Panera to get my free birthday treat.  I choose a cinnamon roll (that I later enjoyed with a cup of coffee.  Don't worry Mommas - it was decaf.  I follow all the dumb pregnancy rules the best I can.)  Once we got home, I camped out on the couch to read, blog, and do absolutely nothing.  It always takes me a couple more days than I anticipate to "recover" from school.  This past semester definitely kicked my butt.

We had a lowkey evening.  I watched a ridiculously cheesy Christmas movie (my favorite).  I ended the day in bed reading (also my favorite).  What a great day!  I loved seeing emails pop up on my phone all day telling me of friends near and far who were wishing me a happy birthday.  Here's to all the adventure that the next 365 days will bring!

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