Thursday, December 29, 2016

24 weeks!

Does 24 weeks pregnant mean I start telling people that I am SIX MONTHS (!?!?!?!) PREGNANT? The theme of disbelief and denial have continued. I think at this point, I believe that I am pregnant (when I remember that I am pregnant) but I can't believe that we are going to have an infant.  A tiny little baby that is totally dependent on us for everything.  The infant stage is pretty intimidating to me.  Toddlers are my jam - but infants - they can do nothing besides eat and poop.

21 Weeks 4 days - the Babes and I rocking an Ugly Sweater for Ugly Christmas Sweater Day at School
I like to make goals.  It helps me streamline my thinking and not dwell on unimportant things. I was telling Ian how I am trying to narrow down some goals for parenting our child(ren) that will take us all the way through his (their) lives. Ian suggested that we use part of the Boy Scout Oath and try to raise a child who is: physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight (I have since added socially normal - this may have happened when said child's father was acting weird while we were at Target).  Boom!  Goal written!

23 weeks 1 day - I was taken out for my birthday with some friends - I managed to put some make-up on
The baby is staring to become some fun sizes that I can almost picture a human being. Week 22 the baby was the size of a Nalgene water bottle. Week 23 the baby was the size of a Barbie (Ken I guess in our case) Doll.  Week 24 the baby is a size of a beer growler - how very Colorado of the baby.

Christmas Day at church - 23 weeks 6 days
At our most recent check up (24 weeks) we found out that I have an anterior placenta - which is why I have not really been feeling the baby move too much. I thought I was slightly crazy for wishing for stronger kicks.  But come to find out, there is essentially a "cushion" that the baby is kicking most of the time.  I also think my 27 pound weight gain has not helped anything either...#justsayin

My belly button is definitely transitioning from a "flattie" to an "outie".  Sometimes I complain to Ian that my belly button hurts - I can feel it stretching.  Ian reminds that "this is what a miracle feels like" - well folks, miracles don't feel great - they feel like stretching and pain.

Christmas Day
I have been slowly working on my registry.  Babies need so much stuff.  Goodness gracious!  I have trying to stick to one place for the most part, but my in-laws told me about the Baby Box and I was like, "Perfect!".  So our kid is going to sleep in a box for the first 5 months of his life.  Target Registry tells you every time you log in, "Ian and Alissa's Baby is expected in 111 days."  Every time I think "How is that possible?!?" 

24 weeks 2 days - strangers are starting to comment on my pregnancy and are shocked when I tell them that I am due in April - yes person-I-just-met-in-the-grocery-store, I can read your mind - I am going to be HUGE:)

We sporadically work on name ideas.  At this point Ian has a #1 name (Samuel Henry) and I have a #1 name (Benjamin Lewis) and they are not the same.  I don't think the flow of Samuel Henry is strong enough and Ian says my Benjamin is too popular (it is the top 10).  If I knew with 100% certainty that there are more boys in our future and that Benjamin would become less popular, I would not care so much.  Hopefully we still have 17-18 week to hash out a name for the little guy. 

The following paragraph is such a "mom" thing to say, but I am well on my way to be a mom so mom it up I will!  At our 24 week check-up the nurse practitioner was listening to the baby's heartbeat and told us that he had the hiccups.  And that he was not happy about it.  I am not sure how she knew that he was angry, but that is what she said.  She also said that he must be (and I quote), "...neurologically advanced to know that he has the hiccups and to be mad about them...".  My kid is neurologically advanced!  It was definitely one of my first proud momma moments.

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