Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Home Tour

Hey ya'll - want come over to see our cute apartment Christmas-ified?  Even if you an ocean away, you can come on in and see our cozy place.

 The front door...paper snowflakes and a Christmas potholder

Magazine Christmas Trees
These might look difficult to make, but they are SO simple, all you need is a magazine!
This blog shows each step for the Christmas trees with pictures.  I did have a few problems getting the tree to end up a circle, so I just put the back towards the wall and no one can tell what the back actually looks like. I used magazine that were different lengths to add variety.

This is the back of my shorter Christmas tree - not perfect, but that will  be a secret !

My friend Gabi, recently taught us how to make a mosaic using pictures.  (Thanks Gabi!)  So here is my snowflake mosiac....

white snowflakes on a white wall...(obviously I am obsessed with paper snowflakes)
 I tried to make a Christmas tree.  It is, uh, a little Charlie Brownish (to say the least)  It did not come out perfect, but it definitely better than no Christmas tree at all.  We also have a designated place to put presents.  I will save ya'll from actually having to see it!

What is your favorite way to decorate for Christmas? 

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