Monday, October 31, 2011

When nothing else presents itself....

When I have nothing exciting in my life to blog about, I make up something exciting {cooking or baking natured}, so I can share it with ya'll.  Yeah for excitement!

In not exciting news, I am sick.  I have a cold.  Boo! 

In exciting news, I have developed the ultimate immune system boosting soup! 

In not exciting news, it is has yet to work.

Things that help to boost your immune system naturally: chicken broth, shiitake mushrooms, garlic, and green tea. (the green tea does not go in the soup, I just drank it as the beverage.)

I was out of ideas for dinner the other day, so I was browsing the Ovenless Chef's blog, looking for something new to try.  Chicken and Cheddar Dumplings.  YA.  ALL.  Ohmigoodness.  Please go over there right now and read this recipe, then go to the grocery store buy whatever ingredients you are lacking, come back home, and make this!

Maybe this does not look delicious, but it is.  Trust me!

My amazing husband gave the recipe a 9 out of 10 (for soups.  I am pretty sure a 9 out of 10 for soups is like a 5 out of 10 on the pizza scale, nothing compares with American pizza.  Or a good meatloaf.)

You may notice that there are no shiitake mushrooms in this recipe.  I switched out the onions for the mushrooms (mainly because I had bought mushrooms and not onions).  I added in some extra garlic too.  I had some homemade chicken stock, that I substituted for water (although I ended up pouring in some water too). 
Anticipation...waiting for everything to finish up!

Make sure you use a big pot.  We only have one pot.  It was not big enough.  We had yumminess dripping down the sides and making messes.  Not a big deal, but if you have a big pot, use it. 

In super exciting news, I am going to start listening to Christmas music tomorrow.  If I lived in America, this would wait until after Thanksgiving, but I live in Korea.  So bring on the Christ child and His tunes! 

Fun fact for today.  Christmas and carol are Konglish words, pretty much the same in English and Korean (except the r's are l's and add some funking vowels sounds in.  You are good to go.)

One of my all time favorite questions: What is your favorite Christmas song and why?

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  1. Favorite Christmas song----Sawyer Brown's Hallelujah He Is Born (just try not to move while you listen to this song)

    The Christmas album, by the same name, is mostly original songs by the group and has another great one "Glory To The King" which is a happy birthday Jesus type of song.