Friday, October 14, 2011

Moving onto Apples

Well I started with a pumpkin, then I got a bajillon (that is 12) persimmons, and now I have moved on!

I may or may not have bought 10 kg of apples this week.  Yes folks, I am the proud owner of 22 pounds of apple deliciousness!  {Hi, I'm Alissa and I can not stop myself from buying things in bulk.}

I have plans, big plans.  (Keep in mind that I live about 7000 miles away from ya'll so my big plans are probably not as exciting as your big plans.  hahahaha)

So far I have made some apples in the microwave and applesauce in our crockpot (basically this recipe but a little different).  I have learned that my amazing husband likes his applesauce without the peels.  But he is amazing so he still eats it and smiles.  I am going to crank out as much applesauce as possible this weekend (hopefully three or four batches?)  Yes, one of them will be without peels.  I feel like I am a little squirrel or something, trying to fill up the freezer for a long winter when apple prices are outrageous and pumpkins are nonexistent.

I also want to try to make some applesauce bread, apple nachos, (switching the caramel for pb; caramel does not live in the land of morning calm.  shout out to my Illinois sister!  She posted apple nachos on pinterest and I can not get the off my mind - thanks sister!) apple granola, apple oatmealapple fritter bread, and maybe some pancakes.  I will definitely update you as to what turns out great and what needs potential improvement!

I also want to make an apple coffee pie mocha?  If you have any inspirations, let me know!

Fun fact: Different towns in Korea are known for something.  Jeonju is known for it's bimibap.  Daegu is known for it's beautiful girls and apples.  So I guess my 22 lbs of apples are the best apples Korea has to offer.

What is your favorite apple recipe?

*p.s. Sorry that I do not have any pictures for this blog post.  I always like to look at pictures when I read blog posts.  I promise I will take some pictures of Apple Craziness Weekend that is about to ensue.

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  1. Oh I am excited to see what you make with all the apples. My favorite apple recipe is caramel apple pie. But I only make it once a year. Ben loves it too. I really want to try that apple fritter bread from pinterest too.