Friday, October 7, 2011

Korean moments

I was thinking about titling this post Precious Moments, but then I thought you might think of the figurines.
This post has nothing to do with little statues, but with moments of my day that are sweet and precious.

There are no school buses in Korea (in the city at least).  But there are taekwondo vans.  Taekwondo is a pretty big deal in Korea.  So the taekwondo master (guy or girl in charge of the taekwondo place) picks up the kiddos every morning and delivers them to school.  After school, the kiddos go to practice taekwondo and then are taken home (generally, there are always exceptions).  Anywho, when I walk to school in the morning, I pass several different taekwondo masters helping the kiddos out of the van and then before they leave the taekwondo master says something in Korean (it sounds very taekwondo-y) to the kiddos and all the kiddos say something in unison back and then they bow.  It is so cute!  I am sure it does not sound cute if you are sitting in America trying to picture this scene in your head, but believe me, it is precious!

Second precious moment of my day.  I was checking Facebook today after lunch (FB informs me of all major news and keeps me up to date with American life...) and I realized that my co-teacher was humming.  That's nice I thought.  Then I realized that she was humming a song I knew (please watch this video, it sums up my childhood I think...gotta love the 80s and 90s).  I just sat and listened to her for a few moments, settling into the presence of God.  I finally interrupted her to tell her that I knew the song that she was humming.  This particular co-teacher is really into practicing her English, so I let her guess at the English lyrics and told her what I remembered of the song.  It was a sweet and precious moment of my day!

What are favorite moments of your day?

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