Thursday, November 24, 2011

2011 Thankfuls

Every since I was like 9, I have written a list of 100 things I am thankful for on Thanksgiving. The tradition began one year when I was bored while riding in the car to Grandma and Grandpas. It is one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving now.

Thankfuls for Thanksgiving 2011:
1.) God, his love, his wisdom, his mercy, His plans
2.) Costco – it makes Thanksgiving in Korean WAY better
3.) Jesus, the Author and perfecter of our faith
4.) Christmas music – it makes every season in Korea way better
5.) My amazing husband, he is so great!
6.) My bike
7.) Friends who skype or email or snail mail or do whatever necessary to stay in touch
8.) Family who sends the most amazing care packages ever
9.) Time to reflect
10.) Sister-in-laws who are more like sisters
11.) Garmin running watch
12.) Family who remembers every holiday and sends us a card (that is you, Grandpa and Kathryn!)
13.) Homemade pizza
14.) The miracle oven (after living for 14 months without an oven, I am SO thankful for this)
15.) Sunshine that comes in the windows dries the clothes, and makes the clothes all nice warm, like they just came out of the dryer.
16.) Learning how to make my own pumpkin puree from scratch
17.) Figuring out how to stay warm during the winter
18.) My amazing husband making cinnamon rolls for us!
19.) Decaf Coffee
20.) snow
21.) God moving us to Korea
22.) Soft hearts
23.) Being able to go to America this summer for a visit
24.) A warm bed
25.) God’s faithfulness
26.) Hot chocolate mixed with coffee
27.) My amazing husband always sharing bites of his food with me!
28.) The Holy Spirit, and his spirit of truth
29.) Fellow waygooks
30.) Running partners, past and present
31.) Facebook, skype, pinterest, blogs, and other forms of technology
32.) Online radio
33.) Free printables
34.) Knowing more Korean right now than I did a year ago
35.) The beauty of mathematics
36.) Being fit, healthy, and strong
37.) Journals
38.) kimchi
39.) Running shoes that fit
40.) Being able to watch The Biggest Loser even though I am not in America
41.) A beautiful walk to and from school everyday
42.) Kleenex
43.) Cute, adorable, Korean children eating with chopsticks at lunch everyday
44.) Bibimbap, popensue, jangjang myeon, sangupsal, and all other Korean foods that I LOVE
45.) 537 lovely days of marriage and many more to come!
46.) Laughing with coworkers
47.) A spring marathon to look forward to
48.) Electric blankets, space heaters, and really thick socks
49.) Finding community
50.) Rice heat packs
51.) the pure bliss of licking the spoon with batter on it (I forgot how delightful this was, when we were sans oven)
52.) God’s provisions
53.) Anticipation…the best is yet to come
54.) Waking up after a night of full restorative sleep
55.) My Verse of the Day girls (love you!) and your accountability
56.) Those fish cake things that you buy on the street
57.) Learning to live without and being content
58.) Peanut butter
59.) Korean ATMs
60.) Clean water
61.) The change of each season
62.) The Heavenly Homemaker – I love this blog ( J
63.) English is my first language
64.) American sized coffee mugs
65.) American sized anything
66.) Books in English
67.) Board games and friends to play them with
68.) A big enough apartment to have more than 2 people over at a time
69.) Paper snowflakes
70.) Discovering new Christmas music
71.) Emmanuel, God with us
72.) Online sermons
73.) Being able to choose to run inside or outside
74.) Hand sanitizer
75.) People that are creative and pass their creativity along to me
76.) Being young, without responsibility (footloose and fancy free ya’ll)
77.) Libraries
78.) Warm, cute slippers
79.) English speaking churches in Korea
80.) Emart bulgogi pizza
81.) Learning flexibility
82.) Learning creativity
83.)’s ability to know the weather in Korea
84.) Bags, bags, and purses
85.) Crockpot
86.) Blender
87.) Getting bit by the craft bug…and loving it
88.) Those times when you find something really funny and want to laugh, but you are supposed to be working, so your whole body is shaking and you starting snorting and crying (does this only happen to me?)
89.) Hugs
90.) Inspiring quotes
91.) Those photo booths that make stickers that you can Korean-ify
92.) Cute clothes
93.) Lemon tea
94.) Puppy chow
95.) The Word
96.) Nike tempo running shorts
97.) Cute adorable Korean children
98.) Homemade pumpkin pie blizzards
99.) Christmas cards
100.) Christmas decorations

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