Sunday, November 6, 2011

Success - Apple Butter!

I made some apple butter this weekend.  It was SUPER easy.

Steps to making apple butter:
1.) Get applesauce out of freezer, defrost, put applesauce in blender and blend.

2.) Put now smooth applesauce in the crockpot.

3.) Add some sugar and cinnamon.

4.) Turn the crockpot on low.  (Note: I did not say put the lid on, you want to leave the lid off.)

5.) Wait 6 hours.  You can stir occassionaly within those 6 hours if you so desire.

There you go.  Apple butter.  I, in no way, came up with this idea.  I got it from here.

I served some for brunch today, everyone liked it.  Yeah!

Hope ya'll had a good weekend - if you live in the US of A (except Arizona and some parts of Indiana) I hope you enjoyed your extra hour of sleep!

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