Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a quick recap of our Thanksgiving:

5:43 AM Turkey trot began.  I came in first and last place.  I may have organized the race as well.  And the race started outside the door of our apartment.  It ended there as well.  It is not Thanksgiving without a Turkey Trot.

7:50 AM: left for school, carrying half an apple pie (from Costco) and 15 pumpkin chocolate chips muffins
8:20 AM: arrived at school, my arms were so sore and my hands were cold :)

8:23AM: dig into the food with my coteachers

1:20PM: Student: "Alissa-Teacher does that taste like spaghetti?"  Me: "No, green bean casserole taste nothing like spaghetti."

2:40PM: finish off the the apple pie and pumpkin chocolate muffins (with my co-teachers of course!)

3:58PM: Finish writing my 100 things I am thankful for list.

4:30 PM: Head home.
5PM: arrive home

The rest of the day: ate chili for dinner, I did some grocery shopping, my amazing husband made cinnamon rolls, I caught up on the Biggest Loser and made sweet potato casserole from scratch.

It was a great day.  This weekend we will be celebrating Thanksgiving with some other waygooks....bring on the turkey!

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  1. You forgot to add 12:00pm: Ate squid for lunch instead of turkey"

    : D