Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Check-List for International Flights

I made a New Year's Resolution to blog twice a week.  I should have resolved to blog twice a week for every week I am in the same country as my laptop.

We are currently in China!!!!!  Hopefully we are toasty warm wherever we are - it is supposed to be COLD!

Before getting married, I had never flown internationally.  Now I think I am into the double digits on the number of international flights I have taken.  I thought I would share my check-list for all the international flights we take.  You usually have to fill in a customs form when you are on the flight.  Some countries check every single line of the form and some don't.  But just to be on the safe side, here you go:

____ Passport  (if you have a visa, this should be in your passport)
____ Reason for entering country
____ Address of your destination (even if it is a hostel or a hotel, try to have a fairly complete address)
____ Phone number of destination
____ ARC (this is our Alien Registration Card, we have to have it when we leave or re-enter Korea, otherwise it is bad news bears)
____ Estimation of cost of items purchased in another country that you are bringing in with you

I think that is the basics.

Now go fly internationally!

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