Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Running Tip Tuesday

I have made a New Year's resolution to blog more often.


I have 13 weeks and some odd days left until my marathon!  Wootwoot!

So welcome to Running Tip Tuesday!

{I made this all by myself}

I am going to blog once a week about tips and ideas that help me.  Then when I am old and I can not remember things, I will be able to reference these lovely blog posts and remember how I got myself to run 6 days a week.

Running Tip #1: Take a day off without really taking a day off!

This is one of my all time favorite tricks!  I love taking days off of running, but I love knowing that I am sticking to my training schedule, burning calories, and spending some time outside with Jesus everyday.  So this is what I do.  I run when I normally do (right now that is in the afternoon) then I run tomorrow morning.  TADA! (Or if you normally run in the morning, switch one run to the afternoon.)  I have tomorrow afternoon off to do whatever I want.  I also have 24 hours (or more) to let my body rest between the run that I "skipped" and the day after tomorrow's run.  This might not sound very helpful, but I do this once a week and it really helps to keep me refreshed mentally. 

Side note: Koreans have one word for "the day after tomorrow".  Why doesn't English have just one word instead of four?  It would make writing this blog post easier I think.

Happy Running!

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