Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Running Tip #2

It is definitely winter here.  It is cold out.  If the pavement is dry, you can run outside.  Wearing the proper clothes when running outside in the winter is so important to having a successful run!

Running Tip #2:  Mittens not gloves
I only have one pair of mittens for running.  I was washing them this weekend, so I had to wear gloves for my long run.  I forgot how cold your fingers can get when you wear gloves.  Gloves have more surface area so it easy to loose heat.  I think I got my running mittens at Target for like 25 cents.  If you are trying to run outside with gloves, give mittens a try!

Happy Running!


  1. Mittens for the win! I always wear mittens.

  2. If your mittens are out of commission, a pair or two of socks could sub for the mittens ...Binks

  3. Sara, if I remember correctly, you have a pair of super cute Panthers mittens!

    Thanks Mom, I am sure the Koreans will think I am off my rocker if they see me running around with socks on my hands - give them something to talk about :)