Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Running Tip Tuesday #5

Hi friends!  Currently the amaz. hubs and I are vacationing in China!  Woot!Woot!  Hopefully we will be back soon with pictures to share.

Running Tip: How to run when you go on vacation

1.) Make a running priority list - I know that I have to get a 13 miler and a 8 or 9 miler in while we are gone.  I have to.  I would also like to get in some 3 or 4 milers on my recovery days, but we will see what happens. 

2.) Scout out the area you are traveling to - We are traveling to some pretty touristy areas.  Good ol' Google, helped me find some running trails already plotted around the city that other tourist have run.  If you stay in hotel (we are cheap-o so we stay in hostels) you should SO use the treadmill in the exercise room!

3.) Pack your running clothes/shoes - we are traveling for 7 days.  We are ONLY bringing carry-on luggage.  If I can fit in my running clothes, you can fit in yours!

4.) Do it!  Yes, you may have to wake up at 5 am on the day you fly out to go run in the dark, but you can sleep on the plane later.  Think of how hard you have worked to get here - you don't want to loose it :)

Happy traveling and running!

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