Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Running Tip Tuesday #4

I can't believe that there are only 10 weeks and a few days until my marathon!  Training has been going well.

Running Tip: Have a mantra
I, personally, have struggled with having a positive mental attitude while running for pretty much my whole running career.  It is way easier for my mind to list the reason that I should run slower or just take today off than to focus on the benefits I am gaining from running.  So here is what helps me when I catch myself making excuses to turn around a mile or two early.
  • Have a mantra. I like to think of some short, fun phrases to repeat in my mind whenever I start feeling fatigued during a hard workout or race.  {My mantras don't particularly help me on easy run days, but maybe they would help you - whatever tosses your salad.} 
    •  These are my mantras: adjuma power (if you live in Korea, I feel like you will enjoy this one - hahahaha) USA!USA!USA! (Most of the time I am the only American running - I most likely won't do this after moving back to America).  Strong to the finish (I only say this one in the last mile of my workout or race.)
  • Count backwards from 100.  If I  have a 1/4 to 1/2 mile uphill stretch coming up, I put my head down, lift my knees, and start counting backwards from 100.  It helps me up those lllllllooooonnnnngggg hills. 
  • Repeat encouraging Bible verses.  I think I repeated, "I can do all things through Christ who strengths me." about 9304820348 times during my marathon last year.  I have recently memorized Psalm 73:26, "My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever." 
  • Focus on the benefits.  By focus on the benefits of running, I really mean think of one delicious piece of food in your kitchen right now (hello clementine oranges!) and how you can eat it as soon as you get done running.
  • Trick yourself into running just a bit longer.  My cross country coach in high school was instrumental in my running career.  The first time I went running with him, I could run for 3 minutes. (Impressive, I know!)  He would always challenge me to run as long as I thought I could and then "run to the next tree" (we ran in a park).  And then run to the next tree, and then the next one.  You can run to the next tree.  Or you can run for 2 more minutes (really you can).  It helps me to just think about running for 1 more minute, 1 more mile, or 10 more minutes (whatever is applicable).  
Happy Running!

What helps you when you are feeling mentally or physically fatigued while working out?

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  1. I definitely do the whole 10 more minutes thing! All the time... or at the end of a speed workout, if there is only 5 minutes or less in a tempo run or mile repeat, I think "Anybody can do anything for 5 minutes, that's not long at all!"