Thursday, March 3, 2011

One of those days

Yesterday while walking home from school, I made a mental list of all the reasons that I wanted to run (this means that I did not feel like running).  Then I opened the door to our apartment.

The box from America was sitting on the table.

Ya'll, there was goodness from home in a box on the table (I think my first thought was: Thank you Jesus that rapture did not happen today!).  NEW RUNNING SHOES that I immediately took out of the box and kissed.  Real Granola cereal!  Magazines written in English!  Warm Delights in three different flavors!  A Christmas card!  A Reese's microwave cake! An extension to my wardrobe in the form of a sweater from America!  And my amazing husband got his soccer cleats.  Thank you Mama-Boma-in-law and Daddio-in-law (for the record, not only do I have an amazing husband, I also have amazing in-laws!)
Women's ProGrid Hurricane 12
Hello 500 miles of happiness!!!
Motivation for running = 0.  Motivation for sitting down and gaining 20 lbs by eating everything in the box = 100

And my amazing husband was watching TV.  And it was cold outside.  And I was going to run by myself.  And it was windy.  And it was 5:00pm by this time. (In my world you can start making supper at 5pm and not be considered to be 70 years old) And well just start making up ridiculous things {insert here: what if zombie shaped polar bears attack me while I am running?  What will I do?}  I can be really good at making up excuses not to run!

So I changed out of my school clothes into my running clothes.  I told myself the whole time that I was only going to run for 10 minutes.  (I knew that I was not going to run for 10 minutes, but if it gets me out the door...)  I, of course, was quite dramatic throughout the is whole process.  Poor amazing husband.  He just kept watching TV.  Yup, it was one of those days.   A day when running motivation = 0


So I started on my 10 minute run.

Recently God has been trying to work on my heart.  I (like a mature person) has been metaphorically burying my head under the blankets and pillows, saying, "just 5 more minutes, then I will get up!"  By "get up", I really mean stop being stubborn.

Newsflash: there are no metaphorically pillows or blankets when are you running.  About 5 minutes into my run God went to town on my heart.  I prayed, I confessed my sin, and I praised Jesus for all that he has done.  I can be content. I know that this might be hard for you to believe, but I complain a lot.  Every evening, I do my little, "5 thankfuls for the day" but I do it with the wrong attitude.  I am going to start trying to be content in every situation, not when I feel like it.

Really only 370 calories?
Fast forward: 7.5 miles ran, hot showered taken, supper eaten, and I am diving into one of the warm delights (I told myself while running I had to burn 800 calories so I would not feel guilty eating the one, um yeah, definitely only 370 calories for the whole entire thing).

 Am I glad that I ran?  Yes.  Will another day come when I do not feel like running?  Yes.  Will I tell myself that I only have to run for 10 minutes, then 10 more minutes? Yes.  Is God good? Most definitely!

So, what do you do on days when you have 0 motivation for exercising?

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  1. What do I do on days when I have 0 motivation for exercising? Well duh- I don't exercise! I work my brain out extra ;)

    Actually, I did some kickboxing last week (Yay TurboKick!), but I displaced my lateral miniscus :( After a little manipulation, it's back in place now, but I'm a little scared to move still.

    And that was my random story about exercising.