Thursday, March 24, 2011

This one is for the kiddos!

Korean children are cute.
Korean children are adorable.
Korean children are precious.
Korean children are cute.

Now you know what I think to myself all day every day.  I thought at first I was just not used the cuteness of Korean children, but after 7 months of being here, I am still infatuated with the cuteness!  They are so cute!  So, so, so cute!  They do not always act cute, but they look cute.  Korean children eating with chopsticks warms my heart everyday - it is so cute!

Seriously, ya'll need to get on a plane and fly here, because I could never fully describe the complete cuteness of Korean babies to you.  If Korean children are cute, then Korean babies are....cute x 100!  I LOVE seeing Korean mamas carrying the baby packs.  (They look like a backpack but have a baby and no zipper, like a modern day papoose - sorry if I just offended someone) Korean babies do not like me.  They usually cry upon seeing me.  Korean babies are cute x 200 when they cry big fat crocodile tears.

One of my favorite parts about my amazing husband is that he is the only other person that I have met in South Korea that is equally infatuated with Korean children/babies.  We are always telling each other stories of our cute students or pointing out cute babies to each other in public.  No one else will abruptly stop a conversation to stare at Korean children with me.  I love my amazing husband.  He is the best!
My all time favorite Korean baby, Hyuk...isn't he cute?
Korean children are cute.  Korean children are so cute!  End of story

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  1. This entry reminds me so much of Donnie's fiancee Kinzie! You two will really hit it off.