Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Delicious Story

No, I am not dead.  I am sure if you have emailed me recently, you may think that I have died.  I have not.  I am burned out on email.  Each time I hit that “Reply” or “Compose Mail” button (with the best of intentions in mind) all energy is sapped from my body.  Sorry friends and fam. I will reply to your emails, just give me a few days.

Trying to look candid :)
Yes, I have run 38 miles since Saturday.  Yes today is Tuesday.  Of course, I had a delicious dessert to regain some of those burnt calories.  Hello, warm delight + ice cream.

Yes, I did come up with a lovely idea for supper.  Check out this recipe.  It is called Bowtie Lasagna (not as good as the real lasagna)  It is so quick to pull together (Hint: when you buy ground beef, brown all of it at once, then drain the grease and divide into zippy bags for the freezer...that way you can just pull one bag out and you will have speedy dinner prep.  Thanks Binks for that lovely idea).  We substituted plain yogurt for the sour cream (I did not have time to go to a Western store to get the sour cream).  I left out the salt (who needs added sodium?) I may have added a bit more cheese than it called for (extra protein right?) EDIT: I remembered as I was brushing my teeth this morning (the morning after I posted this) we used spirally pasta because bow-tie pasta is not popular here.    Overall, it tasted great!

Yes, this blog post does have an exciting story:  Okay, so on Saturday my amazing husband and I were walking around downtown.  I thought to myself, "Self, I could really go for a cup of coffee".  A few seconds later, my amazing husband looked at me and said, "Would you like a hot dog?"  I wanted to say No and tell him about the coffee, but I wanted to compromise too....so I asked him how a cup of coffee sounded.  He wanted a hot dog.  This is were the rubber meets the road.  Die to self.  Let's start looking for a hot dog stand (not the hardest to find in South Korea.)  And then a miracle happened!  

Yes, Mr. Wow does exist

We rounded a corner to find (sound effect) Mr. Wow!  Full title: Mr. Wow since 1999 The Delicious Story Hot Dog & Coffee.  I am not joking.  Dreams do come true.  I got my coffee, Amazing Husband got his hot dog.  Have I told you that my husband is amazing?  Well, he is.  He let me have a few bites of his hot dog.  It had mustard on it.  Sometimes I forget how good America tastes. 

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