Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blood, sweat, & tears

I am at work.  I should be typing lesson plans, but I have to be here for two more hours.  Will I get my lesson plans typed?  Most definitely.  So I am going to tell you about my long run this weekend.
Things to know: I ran 21.5 miles. 21 of them with my American running buddy.  It was pretty good weather. I experienced some blood, sweat, and tears while running those lovely 21.5 miles.

Blood: I ran too close to a thorn bush.  I scratched my elbow.  It was bloody.  It is scarred now.  I took a picture of it, but I do not think you really want to see it.

Sweat: I sweat a lot. Do you know the phrase, "I am sweating like a pig"?  Well my friends in high school would say, "I am sweating like Alissa."  One of my friends in college told me that she wishes she could sweat like me.  I did not believe her, but she said it quite often.  Anywho, I ran in shorts (!) for the first time this spring, but I was still really, really sweaty.  It is considered immodest to wear sleeveless clothes in Korea.  So I have to wear a T-shirt.  It adds to the sweating.

Tears:  Due to the sweat, I got some in my eyes so I was tearing up.  It really stings when you get sweat in your eyes.  Lately, it has been happening to me a lot when I run.  unfortunate.

I talked my American running friend into playing a running game with me!  I love playing running games!  We played the 'Or' game.  We started with Broccoli or Cauliflower. Then Cauliflower or Carrots (are you getting how the game works?)  Before I knew it, we were in dangerous territory: Panera Bread or Olive Garden.  Yup, we just started listing things we missed from America.  I think Target ended up being untoppable (is that a word?).   It was therapeutic.  So often I try not to think about things in America that we do not have here.  It was nice just to talk about things in America.  And that is about it.  The highlights of my last long run before the marathon.  I still have a couple of double digit runs to do (as in I will run 10 miles today) but no more runs that are longer than 2 hours!  Woohoo!  Less than 3 weeks to go.

Now I must get back to those lesson plans.

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