Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Today is my amazing husband’s birthday!  Happy Birthday to the best husband ever!  And it is my college track coach's birthday (also the man that introduced me to my amazing husband!)  Happy Birthday Coach P!  
So, I usually bake up some delicious sweets for my amazing husband's birthday, but baking is not happening so much these days.  We have to settle for store bought.  As I type this, I realize that you might not know how amazing my husband really is…so don’t take my word for it.  Here we go:
Attitude my husband has a great attitude about life!
Brother  Did you know that Amazing husband has a twin brother?  (btw Happy Birthday brother-in-law!).  Amazing husband is a great brother!
Content - He is the most content person I have met.  See attitude.
Discernment – Did I even know what discernment was before I met him?
Encouraging – my poor husband always has to listen to me (sometimes I complain).  He is so great about finding ways and words to encourage me.  He also is a great encourager to his students.

Hiking in Colorado
Forever Faithful – He is faithful to God and me forever.  He promised.
Generous – He is so generous.  He is generous with money, time, and mercy.  And if you are his wife, he is generous with mocha cream bread 
Height - I always prayed that my husband would be taller than me.  God answers prayers 
Ice cream buyer – He always know what flavor I am craving!
Just – I feel like my amazing husband grasps justice like few others I have met.  And for one so young…

At my brother's rehersal dinner
Kicker – uh, I had to fit soccer in here somewhere… he likes to kick soccer balls and likes to watch soccer.  Note to self: the next time we go on our honeymoon, do not schedule it during the World Cup Soccer tournament (if he is reading this, he is thinking, “but she was running on the treadmill”…long story)
Leader – I am so glad that I am not the leader.  I am even gladder that he is the leader.
Monopoly typhoon - Do not play monopoly against him. Unless you want to loose
Nerd – his goal is to read 25 books this year.  They are NOT fun, easy to read books
Optimistic – (See attitude) He not only sees the glass half full, he has an important lesson to learn from how full the glass is (figuratively speaking that is)
Engagement photo
Patient – one of the first words that I think of when I think of my amazing husband is patient.  I love him!
Quick-witted: My amazing husband is quite funny, he always has me (and others) chuckling.
Respect – he has all of mine.  He shows respect to others too.
Security- He structures his life around that which is eternal and cannot be taken away
Teacher – I had a hard time picking the a word for letter T (there are too many true ones..thoughtful, Truth seeker, get the idea).  He teaches me about the Cross, grace, and love like none other has.  Oh yeah, he also teaches cute children English.
I love this picture.  I love my hubby!
Unselfish – He always gives me the last bite.  Always.  Even it if his favorite dried mangos
Valiant – he is my knight in shining armor – he kills the bugs and goes in the dark scary places first.
Wise – sometimes he is so wise that my jaw drops.  He knows the difference between wisdom and knowledge
Xtra ordinary – have I told you that I am married to an amazing man?  I am!
Yummy - well he makes yuumy food!  Amazing husband is an aahhmmaazzing cook!
In Korea - the best adventure ever!

Zany – he is so fun!  My amazing husband can make any activity fun.  even riding on an airplane for 14 hours.  I am pretty sure with anyone else it would have been boring, but not with him.  It was fun true.story.  

So there you have it!  My husband is amazing!  And he is a year older now too!

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