Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The first day of school!

A new school year has begun!  So far my most challenging moment of the day (besides not knowing when I will be teaching) was trying to explain roasting, frying, sautéing, grilling, steaming, and boiling to my co-teacher.  It is one of those times that I am so happy that I grew up as English as my first language.  Have you ever thought about it: you fry an egg in a pan, but you saute vegetables in a pan too (and you fry chicken in a fryer).  A fryer is different than a friar.  We have a roaster for roasting, but you can also roast in an oven.  And you can eat a roast.  On top of all of this, Koreans are not well acquainted with how to use ovens or how ovens work.  So I also got to teach about cooking spray and different styles of cooking in an oven.  In times like these, I am incredibly happy for google images!  A picture is sometimes worth a thousand words (sometimes not, showing my co-teachers roasted vegetables and trying to describe the flavor are two different things).
Thank you Subway for letting me borrow your logo here...

Speaking of food, we went to SUBWAY yesterday!!!!!!  It was ah-maz-ing! (picture me jumping up and down for happiness right now)  We had tried to eat at Subway once before, but it was closed.  Yesterday, we were conquers!  It was open and they had subway cookies!  Praise.the. Lord.  Mmmm Subway cookies!  mmmm Subway bread!  Ya'll, I have been eating white bread (and rice bread) for the last 6.5 months.  I do not eat either types of these breads in America, I am a whole-wheat girl all the way.  One funny thing to me: subway in Korea is totally 1990s.  I think Subways in America must have shipped all of their old decorations and such to our Subway, because our Subway looked like the Subways from my childhood.  They had a pretty short menu and not all the veggies I had been dreaming of, but that is okay.  I still got tuna, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, yummy bread, and a cookie!  My amazing husband was looking forward to his pizza sub, but they did not have that on their menu (he was a good sport about it).

Speaking of yesterday, I got to talk to my sister-in-law.  It was so great.  She is so fun!  I had a chance to Skype with her because it was Independence Movement Day (or something like that) so we had the day off of school!  In honor of this day, there were South Korean flags being flown everywhere.  My amazing husband made some Soon-doo-boo Chigae (a spicy tofu soup that has lots of veggies in it).

I stink at conclusions, just ask Binks.  She always used to proofread my papers for me in high school.  She always had some constructive criticism for the conclusion of my papers.  So think of a conclusion for me.  I will be explaining the difference between roasting and baking to my co-teachers...

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