Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14: White Day

Today was White Day here in South Korea.  There are a series of "days"

Feb 14: Valentine's Day: the girl buys the guy chocolate.
March 14: White Day - the guy buys the girl candy  (who came up with the idea that women want candy more than chocolate?  NOT this girl, that is fo' sure)
April 14: Black Day - the single people eat jajangmyeon

My Amazing Husband was not fooled by the adorable candy jars everywhere.  He bought me some Tolberone Chocolate.  Way to go Amazing Husband.  Sadly Pi Day is not celebrated here :(  Pi Day is March 14th too.  I miss pi and pie.  Oh well.  I celebrated White Day by running on the dreadmill for awhile.  I have composed a blog post titled "what to do when you are running on a Korean dreadmill and you get bored" about 200 times in my head.  But I have never written it.  Maybe some day I will.  Instead today I am going to tell you about is a very special day for runners

The day after laundry day!

Honestly, I rarely wear all clean good-smelling running clothes.  There is usually at least one piece of clothing that is on the second or third time of being worn.  I get really excited about wearing a complete outfit of freshly laundered running clothes.
Herbie when I found him

In other excitement in my life, we have added a few new friends to our apartment.  Let me tell you the whole story.  So the other day I was cleaning Zappy (our microwave) and he whispered to me, "I am lonely.  I wish I had a friend."  I said, "How did you get so dirty?"  (Conclusion: the people that previous had Zappy never cleaned him ever). (Addition: I think it makes cleaning much more fun if you talk to the appliances while you are cleaning them.  Especially when the appliance are grateful for all you do for them.)

Herbie's new happy pot
Zappy's wish came true.  Please meet Herbie.  I am not sure why his name is Herbie.  It just is.  Herbie came to us in a little black pot.  So I transplanted him to a bigger happier pot.  It is blue.  Now Zappy is not lonely and Herbie has a new home.  I hope that Herbie can flourish and Zappy will someday be clean.   Do you like my story?  Do I spend too much time with children?

I will leave you with my favorite Pi Day joke...What do you call March 15th?  The aftermath (you smiled didn't you?)

Herbie, Zappy, and another plant that my Amazing Husband purchased and transplanted

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