Monday, March 7, 2011

Christmas in March

I know that  none of you get Christmas music stuck in your head in March, but I never said that I was normal.  I am SO SAD that I forgot about this song until this past weekend.  It would have totally made the countdown.  The song is titled "Come Let Us Worship the King".  I think my church's choir may have sang it when I was growing up.   I tried to find a good version of it.  I really like this version I found of it, because you can hear the piano a lot.

Aw SNAP!  (If you want Koreans to stare at you more than usual utter this phrase.)  I just looked up the lyrics to this song.  I think Sandi Patty may have written this song.  This totally makes my day.  I love Sandi Patty.  She goes in the Amy Grant, Keith Green collection (known as music from my childhood).

Random story: the church I went to growing up had a fabulous pastor, his daughter had the exact.same.voice. as Sandi Patty.  I am not joking.  It was amazing!  Gives you goosebumps when you listen.

Happy listening!

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