Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Random Update

This is a random update on my life.  There will be 0 transitions.  I have been working on it since Tuesday morning.  Here we go:

1.) My amazing husband accompanied me to a concert last, er, Monday night.  It was a concert.  It was in English.  It was great.  Did I tell you that it was a concert in English?  Yes!  Bonus: They said "all ya'll"   Double Bonus: I got to worship God.  I was so happy.  Here is Lori Morrison's website.  And her babysitter, Frankie Barranco.  They came to Korea together.  They were amazing.  Great way to spend Monday night.

2.) Taper week has begun!  I am so happy to not be running 45-50 miles this week!  1 week 5 3 days until the marathon!  Yikes!  I am praying for good weather, I really hope that the wind is not blowing somethin' crazy.
Spring has sprung!
3.) It is spring!  Yeah!  I took some pictures while running yesterday.  It was on my phone, so it might not be the best and I had been running for over an hour at this point, not the best time to snap a photo, but it was so pretty!

4.) I'm getting really excited for biggest loser!  Hahaha, I love that show so much.  There are days that I lift weights solely because of that show.  I can't wait until tonight to watch it!

5.) So maybe there will be one transition in this post speaking of tonight, it is Date Night!  Woohoo!  I know that this may not sound romantic to those of you in America, but if you live in Korea you will definitely understand.  My amazing husband is taking me to Costco.  I am so excited!  I will try to remember to take a picture of the chicken bake.

6.) Here is my current desktop for my computer at school:
Hello spring flowers and blue sky!
I love it.  It says spring to me!  You can get it here if you want it  (click on the link and scroll down)

7.) Do you know what a serving size of almonds is?  23.  23 almonds has become my mid-morning snack at school.  Or if I am not hungry, then I save them for after lunch (kinda like dessert).  I am addicted.  I think almonds + mini chocolate chips + dried cranberries + pecans would be an awesome combo...Whenever I live somewhere where the aforementioned items are not expensive, I will let you know how it tastes.

8.) There was a staff meeting at school yesterday, er, Monday.  The teachers were told to have more children.  I say this to remind myself (someday when I old and retired and do not live in Korea) of what life is like here.  The government sends a note to encourage the teachers to have more kids.  random.  I will not be taking the suggestion.  Well maybe in 5 years.

9.) More pictures captured on the run:

My new favorite color...
Remember the whole I had been running for 60+ minutes
10.) Next blog post title: Never say Never.  It will be riveting, I can tell already.

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